8 Things You Should Know to Get Better Performance At Workout

When you start implementing these tactics, you will see that increasing your performance was not that difficult !

#1 Slow Down

According to a recent study at Cal Poly Pomona, slow resistance training called SSRT showed 17% more strength gains from slow training compared to normal weight lifting training. The experimental group, who trained slowly, trained at 10: 0: 10 time intervals, that is, by lowering the weight in 10 seconds and lifting the weight again in 10 seconds without waiting at the lower point. The time distribution in the normal training group was 2: 0: 2. Of course, we are not saying change your entire training routine, but training with slow movements can provide more benefits than you think.

#2 Think At Least Twice Before You Eat

Brown University researchers found that one of the main causes of obesity and failure to stick to regimes is careless eating. So you need to be aware of your feelings and thoughts, what is happening around you, and the messages your body gives.

Researchers have shown that the more careless the person is, the fatter they can be. Before you hug your cutlery, think about what you ate.

#3 Low Testosterone Means High Stress !

Low testosterone levels can cause a range of problems such as fatigue, libido and erection problems. George Washington University researchers recently discovered that low testosterone levels can trigger depression. In the study, which included 200 men with an average age of 48, 58% of the participants were diagnosed with depression symptoms or depression directly. Using weights in the gym can increase testosterone levels. When you're done reading the magazine, head to the gym.

#4 Fight Fats !

Training or cardio to burn fat? In the study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, 96 obese participants were subjected to a 22-week program. One group did only resistance exercises, the other group did strength exercises, and the third group performed both types of exercises. All groups showed similar results in terms of weight, fat, and mass loss. This result supports the advice we often give: stick to what you think works!

#5 We Explain the Prescription for Relaxation !

According to the latest study in Pios One, we may encounter health problems if we cannot develop solutions that reduce the stress we experience in response to the "fight or flight" situations we constantly encounter in our busy lives. Developing different methods such as meditation, breath control, and awareness can lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and reduce the need for healthcare services up to 48%.

#6 Take Off The Shoes

Arnold was in the gym, that's how Tarzan traveled through the trees, and now at Ithaca College, researchers say walking barefoot will benefit many foot diseases. Scientists have confirmed that small muscle groups in the standing provide support for balance and movement, just as your torso gives strength to the whole body, and wearing shoes can disrupt communication between the small muscles in the foot and the legs. For this reason, disorders such as heel spurs and tibial stress syndrome may occur. Scientists' advice is to walk barefoot whenever possible.

#7 Burn More !

The age-old question of protein or carbohydrate draws the attention of investigative journalists. Ohio State University's study with athletes found that athletes consuming less carbohydrates burned twice as much fat as those who consumed carbohydrates. Participants included 20 runners, and those who had reduced carbs had the highest fat-burning capacity researchers had ever seen.

#8 Do You Want To Live To The Age Of 100 ?

A study conducted in Japan showed that the level of inflammation should be kept low. In the study conducted with more than 1500 participants, it was determined that there is a serious relationship between longevity and inflammation, and people with low inflammation levels can live a longer life by protecting their mental health. The best part of this result is that it can be directly intervened; so rely on green leafy vegetables and continue your training !

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