Are Smarties Vegan? The Truth About These Sweet Treats!

Before we can get to the solution, let’s first distinguish the two Smarties on the market.

On the one hand, some Smarties are consumed in Europe.

They resemble M&Ms on the other.

These are sugar-coated, color-varied chocolate spheres made from chocolate that has been in production since 1937.

They were produced initially by H.I. Rowntree & Company is now producing them.

Like M&Ms, they are also available in various colors, including yellow, red and orange, green, brown, mauve, and pink.

We also have Smarties, which are more popular with the U.S. crowd.

These candy rolls come in various flavors, including orange cream, cherry, strawberry, and grape.

A single roll contains 25 calories which are considerably less than the Smarties tubes sold by Nestle.

But, the real question here is:

Are smarties vegans?

Technically, both are vegan.

Are Smarties Vegan?

Are Smarties Vegetarian

The answer is No

Nestle Smarties contains animal-sourced ingredients, such as milk derivatives.

This makes the candy not suitable for vegans.

They also contain cocoa butter, which can expose animals to cruelty.

What Are Smarties Made Of?


Original Smarties(r) rolls contain Sugar, Cocoa Butter, and Skimmed Milk Powder.

They also include Sugar and Cocoa Butter.

Why Is Smarties Chocolate Candy Not Vegan?

Why Is Smarties Chocolate Candy Not Vegan

Smarties is not vegan-friendly because it contains milk derivatives like “milk ingredients” or whey protein.

Both milk and whey are animal byproducts.

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As an ingredient in Smarties, the natural flavor can also be used.

Natural flavors can be either from animal or plant sources.

Nestle, the owner of Smarties, has not revealed the source of the Smarties’ natural flavor.

This ingredient is often avoided by strict vegans.

Smarties are also not suitable for vegans who care about animal welfare.

Cocoa butter is made using the cocoa plant.

The harvesting of cocoa plants has been the source of Airheads at the supermarket aisle.

These delicious, tangy, taffy-like strips of deliciousness are worth all your attention and love.

You can choose from a wide range of flavors to take home raspberry, watermelon, and green strawberry Airheads.

They are all delicious in taste.

The candy can be purchased in bars or candies and is all vegan.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Hubba Bubba bubblegum pink chunks are vegan.

It is rare for chewing gums not to be vegan.

Chew gum manufacturers hide their ingredients indefinitely.

It has been suggested that some chewing gums may contain gelatin or animal meat.

Hubba Bubba can blow the most enormous bubbles, and it has a delicious, cruelty-free taste.

Many varieties of vegan chewing gum are available from the company, including bubble-tape, filled center, and powder-filled Hubba Bubba.

There is even a sugar-free option, so you don’t have to worry.

Surfs Sweet Candy

Surf Sweet Candy’s delicious vegan gummies are enjoyed by children and adults a like.

Peach Rings and Gummy Worms are the most loved gummies from this company.

This candy is also vegan.

This candy is also vegan and gluten-free.

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Let’s Conclude:

Are Smarties Vegan?

Are Smarties Vegan

All Smarties Are Not Vegan!

Vegans need to be able to distinguish between vegan Smarties from non-vegan Smarties.

Nestle Smarties are not vegan.

Smarties Candy Company Smarties are 100% vegan.

Nestle produces a few vegan products, including Smarties Candy Rolls.


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