Busta Rhymes Weight Loss: See His Incredible Transformation

The American rapper, Busta Rhymes, has nailed it in the music world. He has delivered us many entertaining and memorable songs. His most notable accomplishments are included in The Source’s listing of Top 50 The Source and being dubbed ” one of hip-hop’s most influential visually-oriented artists” by MTV.

But, the pressure of completing all the tasks in his music industry came with a price. Because he was focused on his career in music, Rhymes lost track of his health and eventually became overweight. In a conversation with Men’s Health, Busta said:

” I was so obsessed with the music being the best it could be that I didn’t spend any time taking good care of myself.” In this manner, Busta was prone to poor eating and other bad habits. The bad habits had such a negative effect on Rhymes and his health. It did not just take him a long time to finish his career in music but also threatened his health.

The good thing is that he’s gotten rid of the old, negative habits destroying his life. The question is, how did he accomplish it? However, before we do that, let’s find out about Busta Rhymes weight loss journey.

Busta Rhymes Weight Gain

Rhymes used to have a rigorous and healthy daily routine. He worked out for hours at the gym and adhered to the strictest diet. But things changed in 2019, which was the most hectic and bright period in Busta’s professional career.

This was when the problems started. After having a party for long hours in the evening, Busta fell asleep in his car and didn’t realize any sign of trouble. Luckily, his son noticed him and realized that something was not right. The security and his son tried to get him to sleep, but Busta was not responding.

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” It took us 20 minutes to get the boy up,” Busta’s son told me. In that instant, Rhymes was rushed to the hospital, where doctors informed Rhymes that Busta was suffering from polyps in his throat, which led to the swelling. Therefore, breathing problems.

Here’s how Busta described the situation “The doctor informed me that if I caught an illness or had a bad night’s sleep, I might die. It was like something was happening right now, and I needed to steer my life in an opposite direction”. The shocking realization shook Busta so much that he decided to embark on the process of losing weight.

Busta Rhymes Weight Loss Journey

Busta was undergoing surgery to remove polyps. After the surgery, the patient was excited to keep his overall health in check. When he was returning to his home, Busta received the notification on his mobile. He was in a YouTube video uploaded by bodybuilder Dexter Jackson.

The track, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See, Rhymes, played in the background of Instagram’s video. In a flash, Busta DM Dexter. ” I told him I needed his help, and I got a response immediately,” Rhymes told the interviewer.

Then Busta’s journey to lose weight began. But there was a restriction from Dexter. He was looking for Busta to commit to his weight-loss diet plan fully. To boost his overall health, Rhymes agreed. Here’s the information on how Rhymes achieved his goal of getting rid of excess weight.

Busta Rhymes Weight Loss: Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Dexter did not ask for the American rapper’s cooperation for nothing. The rapper had a plan when he agreed to assist Busta in losing weight. The professional bodybuilder directed Busta to get a house in which he would live with a chef and his security.

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Busta also did exactly the same. They worked out 3 times a day, between Monday and Friday. Rhymes were required to adhere to the exact same schedule for 30 days. If there were no changes, then he was free to stop. “We were not out. We just watched films and recorded our own songs. Then, we went to bed, after which we awoke, and then went back to work”, Busta said.

After each workout session, He would eat oatmeal or egg whites. This way, Busta would eat 12 egg whites per day. When the 30 days were over, Rhymes noticed remarkable changes in his physique. When his time of agreement was over with Dexter, they differed in their approach.

Dexter needed to travel to Los Angeles to compete in the Mr. Olympia Competetion 2019. While there, Busta found another trainer, Victor Munoz. He continued to adhere to an even more rigorous training and diet program.

Busta’s weight-loss journey saved not just his career but also his life. Busta learned from his mistakes and has maintained the exact diet plan and exercise regimen, strengthening him.

Busta Rhymes Weight Loss: Before & After

When Busta began following their diet plan, Dexter lost weight, and his body weight increased from 260 pounds to 350 lbs. It was initially odd to him, but then Busta realized the fat he gained wasn’t like he did been eating pizza after pizza. It was muscles.

But the fact that Rhymes shed fat over time and his weight dropped to 200 pounds. Rhymes has managed to rid himself of 100 pounds of weight that were unhealthy.

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Was Rhymes Has To Say About His Weight Loss?

When confronted about the weight-loss journey he has been on, the American singer replied, “I ain’t just getting fitter to be able to compete in my music. We’re in the middle of the storm that is causing some serious shite going on”. Rhymes continued, “I was taught to be a protector and provide for my family and the people I love.”

Last Words

Through his continuous efforts, Busta succeeded in changing his lifestyle for the better for the duration of his life. He made the right choice at the right moment. After losing 100 pounds successfully, Rhymes has set an excellent example for anyone interested in becoming more in control of their life.


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