What Is High-Intensity Interval Bodybuilding?

HIIB is my favorite training method. I first began training using this method to help me get around and get back from injuries. In creating my programs and workouts, I dug into old notebooks of famous fitness coaches of our time. I took the ideas and created my own version by incorporating some of my favorite bodybuilding moves with intense cardio and the most value for money accessory exercise… Then the HIIB (High-intensity interval bodybuilding) was born.

Although I own a CrossFit exercise facility, I am confident that my workout program and guides are unlike any other. I do not perform high reps, cleans, box jumps, or other intense moves. In addition, I don’t integrate some aspects of time domains or structure that CrossFit is known for. Anyone who has tried my training will immediately see the difference between traditional CrossFit and my HIIB style.

If you’re looking to begin witnessing massive increases in strength as well as muscle growth and weight loss at the SAME TIME (yes, this is possible! ), If so, you may be interested in exploring HIIB.

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