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How Do I Choose The Right Supplement For Me? Best Supplements For Usual Problems

Are you suffering from high cholesterol, weakness, joint pain or fat? This article is for you. You can get rid of these complaints by using nutritional supplements.

You walked into a pharmacy. You quickly sailed to the section where the nutritional supplements were located, and dozens of different products appeared in elegant boxes. When you say Latin names, content, usage patterns, you get confused and have a hard time choosing. As FitGAG, we set out to save you from this situation. After all, this is our mission.

As a result of long researches, we present what nutritional supplement does what, in a simple form. Check out the list and choose the most useful product for your problem. Make the right decision for both your budget and your body and benefit more from less shopping. Remember, you cannot improve your health by sacrificing other things.

High Cholesterol

Recommendation: Herbal Sterol

What determines the amount of cholesterol in your body is the sum of the cholesterol your body produces and you get from food; It is the difference between the amount of cholesterol your cells use and the amount of cholesterol your intestines drain. This nutritional supplement protects your vascular health by preventing your digestive system from absorbing too much cholesterol. Studies show that men who consume 2 grams of plant sterols per day reduce their bad cholesterol by 10% in 6 weeks.


Recommendation: Ginkgo Biloba

All you need is the ginkgo biloba tree, which has been used for thousands of years and grows especially in China, for your brain to function like a poison during the most exhausting hours of the day. The ginkgo herb, which accelerates the pumping of oxygen-rich clean blood to the brain by expanding the vessels, has also been proven to increase short-term memory, concentration and general perception performance. Studies have shown that men who took 184 milligrams of ginkgo biloba every day for 3 weeks were 20% healthier than those who did not. Keep in mind those who need support to cope with the tiring pace of business life ..

Joint Pain

Recommendation: Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine is an essential building block in the formation of connective tissue in joints. Chondroitin is important in terms of keeping the fluid between the joints stable and maintaining flexibility. Using both together will increase the durability of the joints. Studies show that 79% of men who take 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine and 1,200 milligrams of chondroitin per day have less joint pain.

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Genetic Bowel Cancer

Recommendation: Vitamin D

Acids secreted in the intestines during digestion can cause carcinogens when excessively secreted. Experts realized that vitamin D helps rid the body of this excess digestive secretion and prevents colon cancer. Also, even if your body produces vitamin D using sunlight, this amount will not be sufficient. This is not enough when exposed to the sun. Moreover, if you have someone in your family with cancer, it would be even better to take vitamin D as a dietary supplement. Each day, 25 micrograms of vitamin D cuts the risk of colon cancer in half.

Erection Problem

Recommendation: Korean Ginseng

The ginseng herb increases testosterone levels. This situation decreases the production of prolactin hormone that causes impotence. In addition, this Asian herb is known to increase libido. Studies show that 60% of men who take 900 milligrams of supplements a day for 8 weeks have an increase in the number of erections.

Fat in The Belly

Advice: Green Tea

Green tea is a perfect fat burner due to its structure. The acid named epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) it contains accelerates metabolism and fat burning. Experts who conducted research on 76 people enabled the subjects to lose weight. Some subjects were given 2701 milligrams of green tea pills, while others were given a placebo. After all, green tea drinkers continue to lose weight, while others are was seen to count.

Prostate Cancer Risk

Recommendation: Selenium

Experts say that cancer-causing free radicals are destroyed by this mineral before they reach prostate cells. According to the research; Prostate cancer risk is reduced by 49% in men who take 200 micrograms of selenium per day. So prostate cancer can no longer be a nightmare for men.

Hunger Crises

Recommendation: Chromium Picolinate

Since chromium is a rare mineral, it is not possible to get enough of this food. In addition, the sugar we consume too much causes the chromium, which is already limited in the body, to be consumed much faster. Chromium also increases our sensitivity to insulin, which is responsible for keeping your blood sugar at normal levels. For this reason, taking chromium as a nutritional supplement is necessary to prevent hunger crises caused by sugar drop and not to gain excess weight.


Recommendation: Fish Oil

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish consist of two compounds: EPA and DHA. Both compounds are actively involved in your brain’s emotional control process. This makes fish oil a powerful weapon in fighting depression. Your body uses DHA and creates a protective membrane around the brain cells, accelerating the communication between cells. EPA makes the brain more sensitive to the hormone serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel happy). According to a study conducted on depression patients in England,
Patients who consumed 1 gram of fish oil per day for 12 weeks showed a 50% improvement in their symptoms.

Reproductive Problems

Recommendation: L-Carnitine

Your sperms need this amino acid to grow faster and be able to tail-beat faster on the long journey towards the egg. Italian researchers found that men who took 3 grams of L-Carnitine a day for 4 months increased sperm count and quality; determined that their partner’s pregnancy rate increased by 20%.


Recommendation: Zinc Gluconate

Zinc both fights microbes in the body and dries up the existing inflammation. Thus, it prevents the development of new acne. According to the researches conducted in France; It has been found that even some types of acne that do not react to antibiotics have improved with zinc supplements.


Recommendation: Coenzym Q10 (Co Q10)

Coenzyme is a substance secreted naturally in our body and increases the oxygen carrying capacity of muscle cells. Researchers have also proven that coenzyme facilitates the conversion of stored fat into energy. A study of people suffering from chronic fatigue found that those who took 100 milligrams of Co Q10 a day showed 90% improvement within 3 weeks.

Lack of nutrients

Advice: Bee Pollen

Let’s start by talking about the analysis again; There are 500-900 milligrams of vitamin B1 and 2760 milligrams of vitamin B5 in 100 grams of mixed flower pollen. In other words, 1 gram of pollen to be taken per day provides the human with sufficient B vitamins. However, the main feature of bee pollen is the type of amino acid it contains. Pollen contains 30% protein, 45% free amino acids, 25% natural sugar and cellulose on average. While pollen contains 22 types of amino acids, there are 17 types of amino acids in our main nutrient, milk.

Signs of Aging

Recommendation: Grape Seed Extract

Who wouldn’t want to stop aging? Since the elixir of youth is still unavailable, we have to get along with the second best thing we have; grape extract seed. This miraculous nutritional supplement contains large amounts of collagen (a type of protein fiber), one of the most important substances for cell repair. Grape seed extract can help prevent weakening of capillaries by protecting them from free radical attack.

Excess Weight

Recommendation: CLA

First of all, we remember that you need to exercise and follow a healthy diet to lose weight. If you are already implementing these, then we have a suggestion that will sound like a ‘medicine’; CLA. This miraculous amino acid interferes with the functioning of the lipoprotein-lipase enzyme, which helps the body to store fat, thereby reducing the amount of fat stored in the body. It also releases previously stored fat and allows it to return to blood flow.

Undersized Muscles

Recommendation: Amino Acid

Do you play sports and complain that you are not developing enough? Then let’s direct you to the right address. There are a total of 22 amino acids in the body responsible for muscle growth, 8 of which are not produced in the organism. It must be taken with food from outside. Experts state that amino acids taken 1 hour before and just after training greatly support muscle growth.

Small Useful Notes

Be Cautious

Nutritional supplements and prescription medications have a lot in common. Both make you feel better, avoid certain ailments, be stronger, and are as close to you as a pharmacy. What is lacking in nutritional supplements is the user manual, which is of great importance as it warns the user against side effects.

Don’t ignore the symptoms

Experts state that too much vitamin C intake causes diarrhea and that the most common side effects in such cases are abdominal pain and skin rash. In such cases, try taking glucosamine.

Avoid high doses

Even if you take large amounts of water-soluble vitamins such as B12, your body is unlikely to be damaged because the excess is easily excreted from the body. However, fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E can cause problems such as joint pain, depression and dry skin, as they accumulate in organs and tissues and cannot be removed from the body. The limit for men is 3,000 micrograms of vitamin A, 2000 micrograms of vitamin D and 1000 micrograms of vitamin E.

Make the mixture well

Even the most beneficial supplements can be dangerous when taken with certain medications. For example, if you have a heart disease and are on medication, you must be crazy to use ginkgo biloba or ginseng without consulting a doctor. Because they thicken the blood and as a result reduce the effect of heart medications and cause your blood pressure to drop dangerously. To be safe, be sure to always consult your doctor.

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