Posture places each body part in the most appropriate position relative to the adjacent segment and the whole body.

Improper posture causes permanent changes in muscles and joints over time and many diseases. Therefore, proper posture should be known, and attention should be paid throughout life.

If You Need to Stand for a Long Time, You Can:

How to Have a Healthy Body Posture? What to Do and What Not to Do?

• Make sure your spine is in an upright position.

• Place a small rise of 15-20 centimeters under one leg or slightly bend one of your knees.

• Change your position frequently.

• Every 2 hours or when you feel tired, do exercises to stretch your back.

While Sitting, Pay Attention to The Following:

How to Have a Healthy Body Posture? What to Do and What Not to Do?

• Your feet should touch the ground; your knee and hip should be bent 90 degrees. Be careful not to sit in the high chair or seats as much as possible, as you will not be able to maintain this position in a chair or seat that is too high or low. If your seat is high, get support by placing a stool under your feet.

• Keep your arms parallel to the floor using the arm supports of the chair.

• Make sure your spine is upright; support your waist as well.

• Your head is in front of your shoulders; ensure your shoulders are comfortable.

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