Is Sorbet Vegan? Discover the Truth Now!

Sorbet can be served as a dessert or as a palate cleanser.

However, it is also available in modern times.

It’s usually made from a mixture of sugar and fruit juice.

Once frozen, it is smooth and cold.

Is Sorbet Vegan?

Is Sorbet Vegan

The short answer is yes, some sorbet can be vegan.

Although most traditional ice creams are not vegan, many sorbets are naturally vegan.

This distinction means that ice cream lovers should actively search for vegan versions of their favorite frozen treat.

However, sorbet can be found in many standard versions (or even recipes) plant-based.

We will discuss why some sorbets are vegan and which ingredients to look for.

We’ll also be highlighting some of the most popular vegan sorbets that you can buy in the UK and briefly explaining what “sorbet” means.

What Is Sorbet?

What Is Sorbet

Sorbet is a frozen dessert that usually contains fruit juice,/or puree, and sugar (or any other sweetening agent). 

Sorbet may be the oldest frozen dessert, and its roots can be traced back to Persia and ancient Rome.

It is believed that it was refined in Italy in 1600, with the English term sorbet derived from the Italian Sorbetto.

The Arabic Sharab, which means syrup, also came from this sorbetto.

Traditional sorbets had around 30% sugar and balanced acidity, sometimes in lemon or lime juice.

To make sorbets softer and smoother, alcohol, egg, honey, and other substances were added over time to lower the freezing point.

Because it was difficult to store at low temperatures, the sorbet was food that only the wealthy could eat for a long time.

With the advent of refrigeration technology, this was less true.

Sorbet, ice cream, and other frozen treats have become more common since 1913.

What’s The Difference Between Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, And Sherbet.

What's The Difference Between Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, And Sherbet

Although sorbet and ice cream look similar, subtle differences make them different.

Sorbet is free of dairy, made with fruit and sugar, and has a more icy texture than all other varieties.

Sherbet, also made from fruit and milk, gives it a creamier texture than sorbet.

According to the USDA, ice cream must contain at least 10% milkfat.

To achieve the familiar texture, it must be churned at room temperature.

Gelato translates “ice cream,” but they are still very different.

Gelato is made with less milk fat and served at a higher temperature.

It also has a denser texture than ice cream.

This is because gelato is frozen faster and contains less air.

Sorbet is the only vegan-friendly option out of all the four options.

It doesn’t need dairy ingredients.

Why Is Sorbet Not Suitable For Vegans?

Why Is Sorbet Not Suitable For Vegans

A sorbet could contain many ingredients that are not suitable for vegans.

These are more common than others and maybe problematic for vegans.

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Colours & Additives

Standard colors, such as bright red sorbets, may contain cochineal insect carmine and other additives.

While there aren’t many non-vegan E numbers, some are not uncommon to be used in sorbet.

Cross Contamination

Cross-contamination is another risk associated with mass-produced food products.

Cross-contamination is a risk in mass-produced foods.

Many sorbet factories can also produce dairy ice cream or use other non-vegan ingredients.

While this may concern vegans, it is not an issue for others.

They will be fine as long as they don’t knowingly or intentionally consume anything animal-based.


Another topic we are very passionate about at vegan -friendly is sugar.

Sugar is a key ingredient in almost all sorbets, and some are still made using bone char.

Many people would consider a sorbet made with such sugar non-vegan.

One of the biggest problems is to know if a producer used vegan-friendly sugar.

For any doubts, contact the manufacturer.

You will need to contact the manufacturer if the sorbet does not state vegan.

Even then, you might struggle to find a satisfactory answer.

Vegans may feel that their time should be spent encouraging others to adopt veganism and encouraging them to help friends.

However, the easy solution is to choose one of our top-rated vegan sorbets.

Main Non-Vegetan Additions

how to make vegan sorbet

While it can be difficult to determine whether sorbet sugar is vegan, many other ingredients are easier to identify as non-plant-based.

These are the most important non-vegan ingredients you should know when making sorbet.




It is best to inquire if sorbet is vegan if you eat it at a restaurant, friend’s home, or in another similar setting.

It is possible to make your own sorbet by following these steps.

Choose one that contains none of these ingredients and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, such as this BBC Good Food website.

You can use 100% vegan sugar.

This is simply because major UK brands such as Silver Spoon make vegan granulated sugar.

This is the information you need to know if you’re buying sorbet from a shop.


Many sorbet recipes include eggs and egg derivatives.

Some mass-produced products also contain eggs.

This sorbet is not vegan-friendly, regardless of whether it is made with raw egg whites (or “cooked” Italian meringue, which is egg whites mixed with hot sugar syrup).

Eggs are often used in traditional recipes.

Their purpose is to improve the texture.

They stabilize the egg and help it emulsify, which creates a creamier texture that lasts longer.

It should not be difficult to spot eggs in a pre-made dessert sorbet.

However, some derivatives of eggs may be labeled as albumin or globulin, depending on the many other terms.

Lecithin is a common concern.

Its name comes from the ancient Greek lekythos meaning egg yolk.

However, soy lecithin is being used more frequently and is vegan-friendly.


Honey is a relatively new addition to sorbets.

It is primarily used to replace sugar.

While some people believe honey is healthier than sugar, vegans may find the argument moot since honey can’t be veganized.

By lowering the freezing point, honey may help improve sorbet’s consistency.

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Honey, like eggs, should be easily identifiable on all labels and ingredient lists.


There are many different words, sometimes confusingly overlapping, for similar frozen desserts.

Many people aren’t sure the differences between ice cream and gelato, sorbet or ice cream or sherbet or sorbet are.

Sherbet is more American and usually includes milk.

Although sorbet doesn’t usually contain milk or other dairy-based products, there are some exceptions.

Many would argue that sorbets that contain milk are technically sherbets.

Although sherbet is a term that refers to something other than milk in the UK, such food can still be sold as “sorbet.”

To create a creamier and smoother texture, dairy can be used in buttermilk, cream, or any other derivative.

Like eggs, it is easy to identify dairy-derived additives on a list.

However, unfamiliar names can be used to describe them.

You should be looking out for buttermilk solid and DMS, but there are many.

Best Vegan Sorbets

Best Vegan Sorbets

It is easy to avoid any non-vegan ingredients and save yourself the effort of reading through long lists of ingredients.

Simply buy sorbet that is explicitly plant-based.

Many sorbets are not labeled vegan because they are often made from natural vegan ingredients.

Here are some great vegan sorbets.

They are either vegan-friendly certified, labeled as vegan friendly, or have been tested and free from animal-based ingredients.

There aren’t many options, and many sorbets state that they are suitable for vegans.

Many of these sorbets are fine for vegans, but they have not been labeled as such.

This is often due to cross-contamination with dairy products.

Non-vegan sugar may also be a factor.

Suppose you cannot find a product and would like to verify that it is vegan but has been marked as suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

In that case, you can send an email to the customer service department.

Frill The Frozen Smoothie Bursting Berries

This high-fiber treat is packed with a mixture of berries and some bananas.

It is free of artificial sweeteners or additives, and it has no added sugar.

It may not be sweet enough to satisfy sorbet fans, and some people might consider it ice cream.

However, it’s a great addition to vegan freezers.

If you prefer ice cream, check out our feature about the best vegan creams.

Hackney Gelato Sorbetto

Hackney Gelato is a London-based company that produces premium frozen desserts all over the country.

They offer four delicious flavors sorbetto (another name for sorbet).

They are all 100% vegan, although some retailers warn that they may contain milk or eggs …”).

You can choose from Alphonso mango or raspberry, coconut, dark chocolate, or both – they all look amazing.

Although it’s not the most expensive sorbet, it’s perfect for special occasions.

Romeo Sorbet

Romeo is another luxurious (yes, expensive) brand that makes top-quality ice cream.

Their Sorbetto N.3 Limone Siciliano ice cream is vegan.

It only contains seven ingredients: water, sugar, glucose syrup (from chicory), inulin (from chicory), natural stabilizer (carob seed flour), and lemon essential oil.

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It is completely natural and absolutely delicious.

This super-smooth and zingy sorbet make a great dessert or palate cleanser for those times when dessert is too much.

How to make your own vegan sorbet

You don’t have to spend time looking at every sorbet label in the grocery store.

You have complete control over the ingredients when you make your own sorbet.

Making your own dairy-free sorbet is easy.

This recipe can be used with any type of fruit, including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, mangoes, blueberries, plums, peaches, plums, and any other combination that you can think of.


  • 3 cups of any ripe fruit, sliced
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons cold water
  • Salt, a pinch


  • Blend the fruit until smooth in a food processor
  • Combine the fruit puree, sugar, salt, and water in a large saucepan on medium heat.
  • Stir occasionally.
  • Heat until hot but not boiling.
  • Mix cornstarch with cold water.
  • Mix cornstarch and warm puree.
  • Mix in lime or lemon juice.
  • The mixture should be kept in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and freeze in an ice cream maker
  • Even if you don’t own an ice cream machine, you can make sorbet.
  • Place the purée mixture in a small dish.
  • Mix the puree mixture with a spoon about once every 30 minutes until it reaches your desired consistency.

Conclusion: Some Sorbet Is Vegan & Some Is Not

Some Sorbet Is Vegan & Some Is Not

This question isn’t easy to answer, as with many other items in our It Vegan? section.

It is possible to make vegan sorbet at home without altering a recipe or using special vegan substitutes.

However, many recipes include ingredients that are not suitable for vegans.

Egg, honey, and dairy are the main culprits.

However, food colors and other animal-based ingredients may also be used.

Although many mass-produced sorbets can be made naturally vegan, they are not always labeled as such due to cross-contamination.

You can be certain that there are excellent but often costly vegan sorbets on the market.

However, making your own is a simple task.


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