Milk & Gelatin Peel-Off Face Mask (3/20)

Because of its exfoliating properties, milk is an outstanding cleanser. It protects the protection of your skin by keeping it clean and clear. When mixed with gelatin, it not only softens and glows the skin, but it also prevents facial hair, tan, blackheads, and whiteheads. You will have a glowing, smooth, and soft skin in no time if you use this milk peel off mask every day. Gelatin assists in the adhesion of the milk to the skin.


2-3 tablespoons milk,

1 tablespoon gelatin

Put the milk and gelatin in a bowl, heat the mixture for 5-10 minutes.

Then, massage the mixture with the help of a brush and apply a thin layer on your face.

Wait 15 minutes for it to dry and then you can peel off the mask.

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