Don’t Skip Lunch (4/6)

My little refrigerator is 19 years old. I started to carry it with me every day during my university years. ‘It was often packed with six-packs of beer, of course, until they decided to participate in the Purdue Bodybuilding Championship.

When I realized that I had to go in front of people only in a swimsuit, I started to take the contents of the refrigerator more seriously. You should do that too. In fact, this habit should become a part of your morning routine, like taking a shower. Here are some suggestions for what to fill your closet:

• 1 apple to eat as a morning snack

• 2 slices of cheese to eat with apples

• 500 to 600 calorie meal for lunch

• A drink prepared with a pre-prepared protein powder or half a liter of milk for an afternoon snack

By adopting this style of approach, you will meet both your body’s need and your satisfaction. Also, no matter what time of day you exercise; You also provide the nutrients needed for training. Another important issue is that the candy in your office will be less likely to seduce you. Actually, my personal rule is very simple: I do not eat anything that is not in the cooler.

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