Eggs (6/10)

It is also called a super food, easy to cook, cheap, and normally available for the whole year. They are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and good fats. One study tells us, whole eggs also contain choline, which is extremely important for our brain health. Eggs help to raise good HDL good cholesterol and do not affect badly on blood cholesterol.

But still if you have some cholesterol issue and you are eating more than recommended eggs to complete your daily protein intake then or you can have 1-2 whole eggs in a day and res only white part of eggs which is full with proteins. It depends on most of the vegan people also eggs but depends on your belief. One whole egg can provide you 5g of healthy fats, 77 calories, and 6g of protein. Whole eggs are a great source of amino acids, omega-3, antioxidants, and very low in calories.

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