Exercise the Right Way (5/6)

Everyone has abdominal muscles, although they are not always visible because they are under a layer of fat. This means that you don’t have to do endless movements to get abs. For this, you should spend most of the time you spend in the salon to burn fat.

To do high-intensity exercises by taking breaks with excessive weight lifting exercises. According to a study conducted at Southern Maine University; Weight training for half an hour provides enough calorie burning to be burned by jogging at a pace of 1.6 km for 6 minutes in the same time. In this way, necessary muscle development is provided. In addition, unlike aerobic exercises, weight training was observed to train the metabolism for 39 hours after the last workout. Similar findings; The short breaks given are also noted for periods of rest spread between all sprinting exercises.

To achieve the best results, do weight training 3 days a week and exercise your whole body. Allow at least 1 day rest between your studies. On the days in between, do tempo workouts at intervals.

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