Fruits (9/10)

Yes how can we forget about fruits? They are rich in antioxidants, minerals, fibers, vitamins, and contain natural sugar. They are very essential for our heart and overall health. You must have eaten protein 2-3 serving In a day for good health benefits. Most of us find it confusing because we have to eat salads, vegetables, beans, pulses, meats, milk, and bread to make our health better. So how you can eat all of a day, it is confusing for all of us. but I suggest an easy way is, you can add small amounts of mixed fruits with other meals, and the same way you can add other types of foods like bread, pulses, beans, curd, and salads, we can add in one meal with small quantity. 100g of protein will provide you around 52 calories, 14g carbs, 2.4g fibers, 0.2g fat, and 0.3g protein.

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Legumes (10/10)

Bran Wheat (2/10)