That Abs Workout Make You Feel Your Six Pack In One Week

This abs workout allows you to feel your six pack in a week !

Workout to Make Your Abs in Pain

Most people consider their abs to be accessory muscles, which explains why only a few people have a chiseled six-pack while the rest are desperately working to get one. You must exercise your abdominals in the same way as you exercise your other muscle groups.

When it comes to having a six-pack, doing a couple of ab workouts at the end of a workout isn’t going to cut it. Just a few things are more rewarding than getting sore abs for a week after that workout plan.

#  1 Ab Wheel Rollouts | 3 Sets Failure

Abs rollouts are the first exercise in abs workouts. The ab-wheel rollouts strengthen your heart and make your whole upper body work. If your gym doesn’t have an ab-wheel, use a quarter-plate barbell on each side instead.

Maintain a full range of motion during this exercise, stopping at the bottom of each movement for a second. This workout will be completed for failure in all exercises. Don’t stop until the tank is absolutely empty.

# 2 Superset

Hanging Leg Raises | 3 Sets Failure

Kneeling Cable Crunches | 3 Sets Failure

We’re going to train the entire abdominal in this exercise. The hanging leg lifts the target of the lower abs while the kneeling cable crunches train the middle and upper abs. The use of the cable in the crunches places intense strain and resistance on the abs.

Maintain a constant period of repetition when doing all the exercises. Don’t hurry through the exercises and concentrate on establishing a mind-muscle relationship with your abs and tighten your abs with every rep.

# 3 Giant Set

Crunches | 3 Sets Failure

Heel Touches | 3 Sets Failure

Reverse Crunches | 3 Sets Failure

In the giant package, we will practice the upper, middle, lower abs together with the obliques. Obliques are the muscles on the sides of the abs, and they are one of the most underrated muscles.

Both three drills are completed when you’re sitting on the floor so you don’t spend time switching positions. Go from one exercise to the next without waiting to pause in between sets. After completing a giant set, you can take a minute’s rest.

# 4 Superset

Your aim should be to finish this exercise in less than 30 minutes. Although the abdominals are a small group of muscles, there is no need for any rest in sets. The obliques are intended for all the exercises in this superset.

Landmine Ab Twists | 3 Sets Failure

Russian Twists | 3 Sets Failure

Anchor one end of a barbell in the corner of a landmine. Taking the barbell from the other end with both hands at the height of the jaw. Rotate the trunk and hips while swinging the weight to the right to complete the movement. Rep on the left foot, then head back to the starting stage.

# 5 Planks | 3 Sets Failure

Planks have a reputation for being the strongest workout for growing core power. Core strengthening exercises are used to continue and finish the workout. As long as you can, keep the planks.

Your abs should be packed with blood and lactic acid at the end of the exercise. If you cramp up during the exercise, don’t be surprised. You should be able to get washboard abs with only one exercise like this every week.

How much do you workout on your abs ? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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