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These Six Simple Habits Will Get You Six Pack Easily

Can’t you see your abdominal muscles? Don’t feel like you can’t benefit from a magic ab workout or nutritional supplement; call the crime thinking like that.

As you know, melting belly fat is a very boring process… It takes time, a hard work schedule and most importantly, determination. By taking the right steps each day, you can finally reveal your abdominal muscles. However, if you deviate from your plan even for a few times – which most men do – you probably won’t be able to see your abdominal muscles.

Solution: Here are six simple habits I’ve taught athletes to melt fat permanently. Think of these habits as daily goals designed to achieve a fit physique. Although each habit alone does not seem surprisingly effective, these habits, when combined, form a ‘Voltran’ force to build abdominal muscles.

The effectiveness of this method is also supported by scientific authorities. Iowa University researchers, as a result of their work; They found that people who focused on specific studies, rather than desired results, were more likely to stick to their fat burning plan. This shows that rather than just focusing on the abdominal muscles; It is enough to follow my strategies for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, to see the changes in your abdominal area step by step.

The result: automatically developing abdominal muscles!

#1 Start The Day With Water

Imagine not drinking anything at work all day. Neither coffee, nor water, nor a carbonated beverage. After 8 hours of work, you would be dying of thirst. This means that you should immediately meet your water needs after a night's sleep. For this reason, drink 2 glasses of cold water as soon as you get out of bed in the morning from now on. German scientists determined that the metabolism worked 24% faster for the 90 minutes after doing this. Smaller amounts of water have no effect. In addition, another recent study showed that muscle cells develop faster when they combine with water.

A basic rule of thumb: Drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day!

#2 Eat Breakfast Everyday

A study conducted at the University of Massachusetts showed that men who skipped their morning meal were 4.5 times more likely to have a belly button than other men. For this reason, if you want to have abdominal muscles, eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up or drink a protein blend of at least 250 calories. British researchers found that a large breakfast menu was inversely related to waist size. This means that the wider your breakfast menu, the narrower your waistline. But your meal should be of reasonable size. It serves two breakfasts in an egg with 1,480 calories of sausage. Therefore, limit the amount of food you eat to 500 calories. There is a recipe that I love to fill your stomach: Prepare a pack of instant oatmeal and add 1 spoonful of whey powder (whey protein) and half a glass of blueberries.

#4 Don’t Skip Lunch

My little refrigerator is 19 years old. I started to carry it with me every day during my university years. ‘It was often packed with six-packs of beer, of course, until they decided to participate in the Purdue Bodybuilding Championship.

When I realized that I had to go in front of people only in a swimsuit, I started to take the contents of the refrigerator more seriously. You should do that too. In fact, this habit should become a part of your morning routine, like taking a shower. Here are some suggestions for what to fill your closet:

• 1 apple to eat as a morning snack

• 2 slices of cheese to eat with apples

• 500 to 600 calorie meal for lunch

• A drink prepared with a pre-prepared protein powder or half a liter of milk for an afternoon snack

By adopting this style of approach, you will meet both your body's need and your satisfaction. Also, no matter what time of day you exercise; You also provide the nutrients needed for training. Another important issue is that the candy in your office will be less likely to seduce you. Actually, my personal rule is very simple: I do not eat anything that is not in the cooler.

#5 Exercise the Right Way

Everyone has abdominal muscles, although they are not always visible because they are under a layer of fat. This means that you don't have to do endless movements to get abs. For this, you should spend most of the time you spend in the salon to burn fat.

To do high-intensity exercises by taking breaks with excessive weight lifting exercises. According to a study conducted at Southern Maine University; Weight training for half an hour provides enough calorie burning to be burned by jogging at a pace of 1.6 km for 6 minutes in the same time. In this way, necessary muscle development is provided. In addition, unlike aerobic exercises, weight training was observed to train the metabolism for 39 hours after the last workout. Similar findings; The short breaks given are also noted for periods of rest spread between all sprinting exercises.

To achieve the best results, do weight training 3 days a week and exercise your whole body. Allow at least 1 day rest between your studies. On the days in between, do tempo workouts at intervals.

#6 Stop Being a Night Owl

You need to sleep to build abs. Because the hormones that control your fat burning quality can be disrupted due to lack of sleep. Scientists at the University of Chicago have revealed that just 3 nights of sleep can cause muscle cells to become resistant to the hormone insulin. Over time, this can cause fat build-up around the belly.

Rethink your goals for the 15 minutes before going to bed to get better sleep. As you do this, write down the work plans for the next day, as well as any small chores that you have to do. By doing this, you will avoid the next day thinking about what to do, turning around in bed, and thus improving your sleep quality.

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