Health is wealth, we all read it, herd it and watch it but still we are confused about it. Why I am saying confuse because still, we give priorities to materialistic things but not our health. We eat crap, working longer hours for bonus and the worse thing is we work empty stomachs or just eating chips and chocolates.

But we start caring for our health when we start getting sick the entire time or body stop producing enough energy for work or lastly doctor’s advice, yes I am right about doctor’s advice. So let’s talk about top 10 best cheapest food list you can add in your diet and this food not only help you to improve your health but also help you to improve your immunity and stay fit. I am not adding any expensive food in this top cheapest food list. So anyone can buy it.

Important note: Nutrition fact depends on your guidance source. This article is for information purposes only.

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