Word meaning: To be healthy and fit. Unlike all other sports, it is aimed to tighten and strengthen the muscles by exercising one by one with or without tools. Essentially it is the foundation of all sports. Because in every sport there are muscle groups that are used mainly in the body. Fitness exercises are used to give condition to these muscle groups. Each goal’s training program is different.

There is no standard in fitness sports. In other words, every age, every lifestyle and body type should be a different way of working followed by a specialist. This sport has two differences from bodybuilding: It is done primarily for health, not development. In addition, in a fitness training, cardiovascular training (such as running, cycling, which will leave you out of breath, calorie-consuming and fitness exercises) is combined with weight training. For this reason, the muscles do not grow much, they just tighten and get an aesthetic appearance.

Fitness sports provide plenty of endorphin, estrogen or testosterone hormone secretion in the body. This makes the person feel better and fit psychologically. Getting the body in shape also increases self-confidence.

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