What Is Good For Muscle Pain? 5 Suggestions for Treating Muscle Pain

If you think about what is good for muscle pain you experience after intense training, we recommend that you take a look at these 5 suggestions.

Although you feel very good after an intense workout in the gym, you can wake up the next day with crazy muscle pain. To relieve these muscle pains, you can reduce the severity of the pain with small precautions you will take after training.

# 1 Cherry Juice

In a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Sports Science and Drugs in 2010, it states that the cherry juice you drink after training and the antioxidant content called anthocyanin in the cherry reduces inflammation and reduces muscle pain. You can drink cherry juice on training days to reduce pain and inflammation.

# 2 Coffee

Studies show that coffee drunk before training halves muscle pain and fatigue due to its caffeine content. Ann Kulze, author of the bestselling “Eat Right for Life” books, says that 2 cups of coffee drunk before training increases stamina.

# 3 Ice Compress

If you don’t have the chance to fill the tub with hot water after your workout and get into it, you can use an ice pack to compress the sore area with an ice pack to reduce muscle pain. This regional cold therapy method, called “cryotherapy”, accelerates healing and prevents muscle damage, compared to a hot bath that relaxes the whole body and reduces muscle aches. By putting ice cubes in a waterproof bag and wrapping this bag in a towel, you can apply a cold compress to the area of muscle pain.

# 4 Arnica Tea

According to a study published in 2007, teas, creams or gels made from Arnica plant, also known as ox eye, Turkish flower or wound grass, are good for muscle aches. When creams containing arnica plant are applied to the area with muscle pain or when the arnica plant itself is brewed in the form of normal tea after training, it reduces muscle pain.

# 5 Massage

Deep tissue massage after the workout increases blood flow to the muscles and accelerates the removal of inflammatory chemicals that cause muscle pain. First, the top and bottom of the aching area should be massaged, then the aching area should be massaged. With a tennis ball, you can massage the aching area yourself in circular movements.

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