Nitric Oxide (NO) is a natural gas produced by the body as a reaction to physical activities, excitement, stress, and fear.

Simply put, NO dilates the vessels, enriches the blood in the body with oxygen, and improves blood circulation throughout the body. Nitric Oxide is the most important ingredient in many body functions, such as improving high blood pressure and tissue. NO also gives energy and power. Many people cannot produce enough NO for some reason (movement, age, etc.). In this case, supplements that can increase the NO level can be used.

An average adult has approximately 5 liters of blood. Blood is vital and transports oxygen from the lungs to body tissues. NO uptake improves blood quality and blood circulation.

In case of low levels of NO in the body:


Low muscle mass


Low libido

Mass problems

High blood pressure

The three most important functions of NO:

-Lowers blood pressure

– Increases body strength

Improves blood flow – for more energy and muscle (less fat) – and also provides better transport of oxygen and other nutrients

What Exactly Does Nitric Oxide Do?

NO increases blood circulation throughout the body, which means tissues and organs are more fed with blood. More blood means more oxygen, more energy, and a healthier body. If you are complaining about fatigue, then NO supplements can help you.

NO has a very interesting place in bodybuilding. Increased blood flow in the muscular system or tissues means more oxygen, muscle building, and quicker recovery. For these reasons, you can be more successful in hard training with the right NO product.

The body needs NO to function perfectly, so people with adequate nitric oxide levels feel better. At the same time, with a small amount of NO, muscle building will be limited.

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