When Should You Take The Protein Powder? When Is It More Effective To Take It ?

No matter which brand of protein powder you use, if you use it at the wrong time, you will lack the best effect you can get. Instead of consuming protein powder at the wrong time, you can even throw your protein shaker into the trash!

How to use protein powder, When to use protein powder. You will find answers to many questions about protein powders in this article.

When to take how many scales of protein powder? Should protein powder be drunk with milk or water? Should Whey protein powder or Casein protein powder be used? If you say how many times a day and at what times should I use protein powder, start reading this article right away.

In the list we have prepared for our customers, we will talk about the effect according to when, why and time of use:

Note: These are the most important times in order.

Immediately After Training

If you only consume the protein powder once a day, this is the most important time for you. Immediately after the workout, your body needs any raw materials to regenerate and recover. If you don’t provide them as food for your voodoo, you will go into a catabolic state. In short, in order to regain your body, instead of building muscle, there is a decrease. As you can understand, this is harmful for a bodybuilder.

You can avoid this harm by consuming between 25 and 30 grams of protein right after the workout.

One Hour After Workout

After an average of 1 hour after the workout, your body calmed down and became normal. After this process, your body is available to grow again. The protein powder you consume right after the workout is metabolized and your body demands more. The protein powder you will use during this period will speed up your body’s repair.

During this process, we recommend that you consume 25-30 grams of protein powder.

First Thing in The Morning

Right after waking up or right after you can grab a spoonful of protein powder. Your body was hungry for an average of 8 hours and could not consume any food. Feed your body!

Protein powder is digested by our body much faster than normal food, so your body will be fed faster.

This protein vaccine speeds up your metabolism, which helps you in burning fat. Of course, have a nice breakfast with it. There are good examples of recipes for athletes in our catalog.

Your Last Job in The Evening

Protect your body overnight. A good combination for this is whey protein and a glass of milk.

Whey is a fast-digesting protein, milk protein (casein), while casein is a slow-digesting protein. A slow-digesting protein powder overnight is more suitable as it is for a long time. You can get a nice result by mixing the two.

Among our products, CytoSport Complete Casein is a protein powder suitable for bedtime.

Between Meals

If it takes a long time, it makes sense to use protein powder. In this way, you can feed your body with protein throughout the day. In this way, you will gain muscle increase instead of muscle decrease.

Within Meals

By consuming protein powder in meals, you increase the amount of protein in your meal.

You should consume protein powder as a supplement in meals with low protein content.

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