What To Consider Before Having A Breast Reduction Service? Is It Safe?

Breast reduction is surgery that removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from breasts to reduce size. Aside from the physical benefits (fewer painful bras, clothes that fit better), breast reduction can make an emotional difference: it may help with back pain and give you more confidence. A breast reduction might be the right choice if you have a large breast that’s causing you pain, discomfort, or low self-esteem. Properly considering all the pros and cons of any surgery is essential before undergoing it. You may decide to go ahead with your decision or not–that’s your choice.

  • Not the same as a breast lift procedure:

There are different types of breast implants, but breast reduction removes some extra fat and skin, but it does not rearrange the breast tissue. A breast lift repositions the nipple, areola, and areolar tissue in the breast. In most cases, a breast lift will produce a firmer breast with more projection. Many women notice that their breasts are smaller after having children or menopause. In general, breasts will continue to drop over time. However, this process can be slowed with weight loss and exercise–but it can’t be stopped!

  • Be prepared:

Breast reduction is a significant operation. It can take up to two weeks for some people, but it’s temporary and will fade within two months. There may be blood loss during the procedure. In addition, you might have a drainage tube in your breast for about five days afterward. After surgery, you’ll need to take antibiotics for 21 days because of possible infection. You should also see your surgeon regularly to check the incision and ensure everything is healing correctly. After surgery, you might sometimes experience soreness or heaviness in one or both breasts.

  • Little challenging to sleep for a while:
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Your breasts won’t be the same as they were before. When you wake up in the morning, your nipples may be lower or higher, and your breasts may feel full differently. In addition, you might have discomfort during sleep for a day or two. For most people, this is just a temporary side effect of the surgery process; however, in some cases, it can last longer than six months.

  • Surgery cost:

You may need to pay for additional healthcare costs because you will need to see a surgeon at least two times after the surgery. In addition, it is quite possible to incur other medical debt since there are procedures involved with breast reduction, such as laser skin resurfacing and breast augmentation.

  • Final results will take some time:

The final results of breast reduction will not happen overnight. Sometimes, it might take 18 months for the nipples/areolas to return to their original position and for your breasts to stop feeling strange after surgery. Some women notice a loss of projection in the first month after surgery, but this usually fades over time. You can expect a breast reduction to lower your risk of breast cancer and improve your appearance.

Breast reduction seems to be the right choice for many women undergoing surgery. It is because they have a more vibrant life in terms of appearance and self-esteem. But, you must choose the best surgeon for your breast reduction procedure because any surgery has risks.


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