Does Pre-Workout Make Your Skin Tingle? Here’s Why!

Pre-workout products consist of various ingredients that aim to boost your exercise. They are trendy for their energy boost due to the vast majority of pre-workouts products containing caffeine. If you’ve ever tried an exercise pre-mix, you might be experiencing skin tingling or itching.

Why Is This Happening?

The tingling or itching sensation is caused by a substance known as Beta-Alanine. Pre-workout supplements that contain this ingredient, particularly with doses greater than 2g per serving, are likely to trigger this feeling. It is because Beta-Alanine, which causes severe paresthesia. The paresthesia can be perceived as tingling, itchiness, numbness, and burning sensations to the skin. For some, this may be irritating as it could cause distraction during workouts.

However, Is This Harming You?

No. If you experience this feeling due to Beta-Alanine, it’s not dangerous for your own body. Beta-alanine is the most likely cause of this sensation when taken in a massive dose, bolus. One option to avoid tingling sensation is to divide the Beta-alanine consumption into smaller doses and spread them all day. This is difficult to achieve if you’re using a pre-workout supplement. It isn’t possible to split your doses for every ingredient. This is why I’m personally not a fan of the commercial pre-workout formulas.

How Can Beta-Alanine Benefit Me In My Work?

I’m glad that you have asked. Find the article we wrote on Beta-alanine. We discuss in depth the advantages and effects of Beta-alanine. Personally, I think it’s an excellent supplement to boost your workout because it provides positive benefits for performance.

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