Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

Many studies have shown that long-term and low-speed weight loss programs are less likely to regain weight lost.

Remember! A healthy and permanent weight loss is only possible with a well-defined goal and learning about weight management well. The first goal of weight loss treatment is to lose 10 percent of your starting weight and, if possible, to lose it from your belly area. If required at the end of this phase and you are still enthusiastic, a new program should be made for further weight loss. In other words, losing 10 percent of your body weight is the healthiest first stage weight management program that can be done.

Is there a measure of calorie restriction?

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

To make a dietary restriction of around 300-500 calories per day for people with overweight or obesity problems, with a body mass index between 27-35, 0.5-1 kg per week. and it can provide an average of 10 percent loss in six months.

When the daily calorie loss is kept between 500-1000 calories in those who are overweight and have a body mass index over 35, weight loss can be increased from half a kilogram to one kilogram per week, and 10 percent can be reached in less than six months and with more guarantee.

If you desire a 10 percent weight loss within six months, an average of 0.5-1 kg per week. you must give. Your daily calorie loss should be between 500-100 calories. You should make some of these losses by reducing your food and consuming less calories, and some by exercising more frequently and intensely and consuming calories.

Much and faster weight loss is never more advantageous. After six months, there is a significant reduction in the rate of weight loss, even if you follow the same strategy. If you want your weight loss to continue for a long time and without interruption, you should calculate the energy losses you have created with your physical activity and calorie restriction. To achieve more weight loss, you should cut more calories or exercise more.

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Losing weight is more important than keeping it

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

The next step after reaching the desired weight is the maintenance of the current weight. In fact, this stage is the most difficult part in the long term. Unfortunately, 80 percent of those who lose weight cannot maintain the weight they have lost and regain their previous weight or more. The main reason for this is that we haven’t learned enough about the concept of weight management.

Here are the 10 golden rules

 # 1 Shop Right

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

Create your meal plans in advance and set out with your meal plan as you go shopping for the weekend. If you are working, prepare some healthy food options in advance, such as fresh and dried fruit and fruit yogurts, so that you can eat snacks.

# 2 Cut The Things You Take in Half

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

First of all, halve your main meals. You will notice how much weight you have lost over time, and you will always continue this practice. Thus, instead of eating very large portions, you will be happy to diversify the foods you take by eating half portions of more varieties and to feel your stomach is full.

# 3 Try Not To Add Oil To Your Diet For At Least Two Weeks

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

Do not add fatty salad dressings, fatty cheese sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise to your salads. Instead of additions like this, try adding seeds like sesame seeds, flaxseeds, dried fruits, and just lemon and vinegar.

# 4 Try To Avoid Fast Food Calories

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

When you choose fast-food, you will eat hamburgers, you should try to consume without sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, eat salads with plenty of greens and sauces, and complement this diet with diet ayran. This way, you will avoid the five grams of fat in a teaspoon of mayonnaise each week.

# 5 Your Glass Is Constantly Filled With Water

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You should get a water bottle and carry it with you at all times. By setting your alarm every hour, you can remind yourself that you will drink water, and you can easily complete 8 glasses a day normally. Water is the basis of health and any weight loss diet.

# 6 Stop Finding Excuses

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

I am very tired, I need to sleep, I have to work, I have to cook, it is easy to say such sentences, it is difficult to exercise. You should not fool yourself, sign up with friends or family at sports centers, and do not forget to exercise in parks, gardens, walking paths.

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# 7 Try Changes

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

During this time, you can easily consume red meat, cheese, chicken and other protein sources and still lose weight. With such a program, you can both eat more and get rid of the boredom of the diet.

# 8 Speed Up Your Heartbeat

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

In addition to your walks and normal exercises, turn to more intense sports such as tennis, swimming and water skiing that will increase your heart rate. Spend more calories and have more fun moments.

# 9 Pay Attention To Your Portions

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without Exercise

Use smaller plates when serving meals and desserts. Try to serve once, using the smallest bowls, and avoid the second serving.

# 10 Never Stand In The Kitchen

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Without ExerciseIf you can’t hold back, don’t sit in the kitchen. Especially if you want to avoid snacks at night, you should close the door of the kitchen after your meal and you should definitely not visit the kitchen. Remember, one bite will bring in new bits.


Even if you don’t marry your diet, you can build a level team. If you are starting a low-carb diet, there are some important things to know:

Do not completely give up vegetables and fruits on the grounds that they are a source of carbohydrates. Most vegetables contain around 5 percent carbohydrates. This means that 100 grams of vegetables contain only 20 calories. You get almost a third of the calories of a slice of bread, but you’re not depriving your body of plenty of fiber, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals (carotenoids, flavonoids). An example? Tomato! With a medium tomato, you only get 20-25 calories. But also 0.7 grams of protein, 25 mg. You bring vitamin C, 600 IU vitamin A to your body. The beneficial nutritional flours you get from tomatoes are not limited to these. 5 mg with a kilogram of tomatoes. You give lycopene to your cells and tissues as a “bonus”. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant, vascular protective, anti-cancer and skin rejuvenating agent.

Remember to consume enough fruit while limiting carbohydrates. It is true that some fruits contain as much as 10 percent carbohydrates and are a bit risky besides calories. It is a well-known fact that fruits carry more calories than vegetables. What you are going to do is to “find the middle ground”. It is the most rational approach to use your preferences for low calorie, low glycemic index fruits. You can benefit from fruits such as apple, grapefruit, orange, pear, plum, kiwi.

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To get enough of carbohydrates; Planning a low-carbohydrate diet is the right way not to miss the measure. Using carbohydrate restriction in favor of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a wrong choice. Remember that the carbohydrates you must restrict are cakes, cookies, cakes, deep-fried dough, fatty pies and donuts, croissants and donuts. Never eat breakfast cereals containing sugar and fat.

When making a nutritional plan to lose weight, you must first make choices that you will be able to wake up to throughout your life without difficulty, that will not strain your economy, your business and social life, your spiritual structure, and that will not spoil your enjoyment and life pleasure. Instead of saying “I’m out of business” after a short time, more rational and achievable weight goals should be aimed, and you should always remember that the diet will result in letting you down on your journeys that you start with difficult, problematic, sad and troublesome diet plans. I guess the most rationalist is in an idiom that is very fashionable right now: Leveling togetherness! Even if you can’t marry your diet, you can at least try to create a “level together”.


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