Inflammation and the Brain: How to Reduce Inflammation for a Sharper Mind

Too much of a good thing isn’t always good. And this remains true in the case of inflammation. While our bodies use this protective process to fight off infections and heal wounds, it sometimes sticks around longer than it’s welcome. Long-term or chronic inflammation occurs when our immune system attacks healthy tissues, leading to reduced function of essential processes throughout the body. Unfortunately, this includes our brains.

Chronic inflammation impacts our brain health and can cause memory problems, depressive symptoms, excessive fatigue, cognitive decline — and that’s just the beginning of the list.[1] Thankfully, we can work to maintain the well-being of our minds by leading healthy lifestyles and properly nourishing our bodies and brains. Read on to learn more about the best supplements to reduce inflammation and enhance brain health for the years to come!

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Brain Benefits of Curcumin for Inflammation

Curcumin? More like cure-all! This mighty flavonoid can be found in your spice cabinet as the active ingredient in turmeric. Known widely for its inflammation-busting effects, curcumin is one of the best nutrients to keep on the shelf for when aches and pains hit. But inflammation isn’t just causing you pain — it’s dampening your mood, worsening your memory, and making you feel exhausted.[1]

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Here’s where curcumin jumps in! This natural anti-inflammatory compound calms the inflammation throughout your body that’s impacting your brain health. Plus, it has been shown to improve memory, mood, and overall cognitive function.[2] Looking for a potent answer to your memory woes? Curcumin for brain health is a powerful solution. Check out Terry Naturally CuraMed® 750mg — it packs a punch and helps you quickly experience natural inflammation relief.

NAC Supplement Mental Health Benefits

Struggling to focus? Feeling confused? Having a hard time learning new information? You might be dealing with brain fog, a condition commonly caused by high inflammation levels and hormone imbalance. Additionally, poor lifestyle habits like little sleep and high stress don’t help either. Fortunately, we can directly target our brain fog and work at the root of our brain health troubles with the help of NAC (n-acetyl cysteine)!

This antioxidant compound is commonly used for individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, addictive issues, and more. It works to naturally boost the glutathione levels in the body that fight oxidative stress and balance hormones for a better mental response.[3] What’s more, it reduces the inflammation that’s causing your brain fog. Try NAC for brain fog, high inflammation, and hormone imbalance with the best nac supplement!

The Gut Brain Connection and Inflammation’s Role

It’s no secret that our gut health is connected to our mental wellbeing. If you’ve heard of the gut brain connection, you probably know that it’s not just our emotions impacting our digestive systems. It goes both ways — meaning the state of our gut can directly impact our mental activity.[4]

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So, what’s an effective way to support the brain through gut health? Probiotics, of course! Gut microbiota are heavily influenced by bacteria balance and probiotics are a powerful way to maintain a healthy balance. Additionally, good bacteria reduce unhealthy inflammation along the GI tract that might be negatively affecting your brain health.[5] To try a probiotic that targets your gut health for balancing support, check out Ultimate Flora 200 Billion Probiotic! (Tip: the best probiotics for inflammation are offered in high potencies!)

Omega 3 for Inflammation and Brain Health

Fish oil has long been known to boost memory, improve learning ability, and support cognition. But this essential nutrient offers powerful effects to another area of health — inflammation! Fish oil can restore a healthy inflammatory response by assisting in the process. How? Omega 3 fatty acids have shown to inhibit COX (cyclooxygenase), the enzyme responsible for producing prostaglandin hormones that stimulate inflammation.[6] This can mean reduced inflammation that allows for sharper cognition and healthier brain aging!

The list of omega-3 benefits for brain health is already lengthy, and with its powerful effects on inflammation, this vital nutrient is a double whammy for cognitive function! If you’re ready for a healthy brain that lasts a lifetime, include a potent fish oil for inflammation supplement in your daily routine. We recommend NutriGold Triple Strength Fish Oil Omega-3 Gold.

The Best Nutrients for Brain and Inflammation

Inflammation roots itself in various health issues that keep us from living our lives to the fullest. And unfortunately, this includes our mental function. If you’re ready to bust the inflammation and get back to a healthy brain, you’re ready to try the supplements we compiled in this list. All potent and extra strength, these are the best supplements to reduce inflammation so you can nourish, heal, and sharpen your brain against the damaging effects of inflammation.

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Browse a local or online vitamin store for even more support from powerful, essential nutrients for your noggin!


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