James Duncan’s Chemical Diet: Is It Safe and Effective?

James Duncan Chemical Diet Plan is a great way to lose weight quickly.

James Duncan, an obese man, tried the Chemical Diet and lost one stone in just one week.

This diet is healthy and recommended for those who need to lose weight fast before having surgery.

James Duncan tried the Chemical Diet and wrote about it.

James Duncan’s blog is full of comments and reviews from people who claim that the 7-day Chemical Diet worked well for them.

The Chemical Diet Plan is a great way to lose weight quickly, whether trying to shed a few pounds for an event you have to attend or looking to book a last-minute holiday deal.

Are you interested in learning more?

If so, keep reading!

James Duncan Chemical Diet Plan

James Duncan Chemical Diet For Weight Loss

The Chemical Diet plan will help you lose weight quickly.

This is a well-known diet that can promote rapid weight loss.

You can lose as much as a stone in just seven days.

People can lose weight quickly with the Chemical Diet plan.

James Duncan diet is for one week each of the three following weeks.

This diet helped me lose weight quickly when I tried it.

Because I was Diabetic, I needed to lower my blood sugar levels, so I was advised to lose weight quickly.

You have to adhere to the diet plan.

Either eat the entire food plan, or you can do without.

It won’t work if you cheat!

Don’t weigh yourself after the diet is over.

The Chemical Diet Plan, a seven-day diet plan you can follow every three weeks, is a plan that you can adhere to.

I’ve heard that it is possible to lose one stone by sticking with the same food menu I have provided below.

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It can work!

It was something I was skeptical about at first.

But after just two days, I noticed a significant weight loss.

If you want to lose one stone in a week, the Chemical Diet is the right plan for you!

It does work!

It worked for me.

I lost almost a stone in one week.

Anyone can do it.

James Duncan recommends the following food plan.

He also writes about how he lost one stone using the Chemical Diet.

You can also read his comments.

You will find many truthful comments regarding the diet on his blog.

The 7-Day James Duncan Chemical Diet Plan

James Duncan Chemical Diet Weight Loss

Here is the one-week food plan of James Duncan diet.

You can swap days if you only eat what was served on the given day.

You can’t swap out any meal for another.

You should eat exactly as it is written!


Day #1


  • One slice of toast (wholemeal bread only), one grilled fresh tomato, or one tinned tomato.


  • Fresh fruit in any quantity.


  • Two hard-boiled eggs, a salad (consisting of cucumber, celery tomatoes, lettuce, & tomatoes) & 1 grapefruit.

Day #2


  • 1 Grapefruit and 1 Boiled Egg.


  • Two large fresh tomatoes and grilled or roasted chicken in any amount.


  • 1 Toast (wholemeal bread), Grilled Steak & Salad (lettuce and cucumber, tomatoes & celery).

Day #3


  • 1 Grapefruit and 1 Boiled Egg.


  • Fresh fruit in any quantity.


  • Two grilled lamb chops with salad and one grapefruit.

Day #4


  • One slice of toast (wholemeal bread).


  • Fresh fruit in any quantity.


  • Two boiled eggs and a salad.

Day #5


  • One slice of toast.


  • Fresh fruit in any quantity.


  • Fresh fish & salad.

Day #6


  • One glass of grapefruit juice, squeezed from a grapefruit.


  • Fresh fruit in any quantity.


  • Grilled chicken (any quantity), Carrots, and one grapefruit.

Day #7


  • Two scrambled eggs and one large grilled tomato for breakfast.


  • Two poached eggs & Spinach.


You have two options

  • One grilled steak and a salad.
  • Squeeze the juice from pink grapefruit, or purchase a bottle of pink grapefruit juice diluted (no added sugar), and then add it to large glasses of water.
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  • No snacking between meals.
  • It would be best if you did not eat anything not listed in the meal plan.
  • You can eat only what is displayed, or you can do without.
  • No substitutions permitted
  • There is no need to eat between meals.
  • No alcohol.

Accepted Fruits

Bananas and apples, pears (satsumas), oranges, tangerines, tangerines, a few grapes, and melon. Diabetic people should not eat too much fruit.

I typically have one apple, one banana, and one pear.

Accepted Vegetables

Only lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and celery are allowed in any place where salad is listed.

Sauces and mayonnaise are not allowed.


This diet can be done for only one week.

After that, you can take three weeks off to rest.

This worked for me. This diet worked for me.

I lost significant weight every three weeks.

It is important to eat well in between this diet.

Who Should The Chemical Diet Plan Be For?

James Duncan Chemical Diet Plan

The Chemical Diet is recommended to follow the above food plan for a week.

James Duncan diet is for those undergoing surgery or with a medical condition such as Diabetes.

I’m a Type 2 Diabetic who has tried this diet several times.

I have found that the Chemical Diet is best for me if I don’t eat too many fruits at lunchtime as my blood sugar levels go up.

It is easy if your determination and perseverance are strong.

You will see weight loss.

It was exciting for me to try it.

You can also start a healthy weight loss journey by following the food plan (every month).

After the first week, add more vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, and salad to the diet.

This works for me.

Continue to do the Chemical Diet every other week (once per calendar month).

Is Chemical Diet Hard To Follow?

James Duncan Chemical Diet Quick Weight Loss

Although I don’t think it will be easy, you can be sure that you have at least shed one stone after one week on the Chemical Diet.

The Chemical Diet has been helping me lose weight.

I was able to maintain my weight loss.

Once you’re in the right mindset and have been following the diet for a while, it’s possible.

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I usually do the Chemical Diet for one week.

Then, I eat the same meals as the meal plan for the next week but add healthy foods to my diet.

This is a great way to lose weight following your Chemical Diet.

It works for me as a Type 2 Diabetic.

Is It Easy To Live With The Chemical Diet? How Will You Feel?

James Duncan Chemical Diet Plan For Weight Loss

It won’t be easy at first.

It may not be easy to get through the first few days.

Keep your determination up and think about how you’ll feel once you have lost that one stone.

You Can Swap Out Certain Foods For Another Food

James Duncan Chemical Diet Plan Weight Loss


You can still eat the same day twice, even if you don’t like the item on the menu.

If you don’t like lamb chops or steak, you can always repeat day 2.

Never substitute lamb chops with steak.

The chemical diet requires eating the same food as the meal plan.

Please do not add fruit to your salads.

I’ll repeat what I just said.


Do not add any other foods or have meals in between.

If you do, you may not lose a stone in a week.

It’s all about sharing certain foods!


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