Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss: Discover His Secret!

Jimmy Kimmel’s physique attracts others.

That’s why we are all here to reveal the secrets behind Jimmy Kimmel’s workout routine and Jimmy Kimmel’s diet plan.

Let’s learn more about Jimmy Kimmel weight loss journey.

Who’s Jimmy Kimmel?

Who's Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel was born in Brooklyn, New York.

He moved to Las Vegas at the age of 9.

In college, he was a radio DJ and decided to become a professional at 21.

He dropped out of school but received an honorary degree in 2013 from Nevada.

After moving to Los Angeles, he became Jimmy the Sports Guy for The Kevin and Bean Show.

Kimmel, the host of Win Ben Stein’s Money, switched to radio and tv.

He won a Daytime Emmy award for Best Game Show.

He also hosted The Man Show, which was billed as an anti-Oprah type.

He established a successful production business and then asked ABC to host an evening talk show.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is the longest-running late-night talk show on the network.

He hosted both the Emmy Awards as well as the Oscars.

Kimmel publicly spoke out about the need for affordable healthcare after his second child was born with a rare defect in his heart.

Kimmel stands 6′ 1″ tall and weighs in at 182 lbs.

Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss Journey

Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss Journey

Jimmy Kimmel is undoubtedly the busiest man on television.

He hosts the Emmys and Oscars, delivers heartbreaking monologues, makes Instaworthy pancakes for his children, and is also the host of the Emmys and the Emmys.

The late-night vet is also a foodie, and he’s not afraid to admit it.

In his youth, he ate a lot of steaks, pasta, and wings.

His bad habits started to take a toll on him as he grew older.

Kimmel admitted that he didn’t know how much he had weighed throughout his adult life.

He bought his first scale in 2010 and was stunned by the result — 208 pounds.

Dr. Oz appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live around the same time.

During the interview, Dr. Oz called out Kimmel for his poor eating habits and insufficient exercise.

Kimmel, as you would expect, made a joke of it.

He called me the next day and said he was worried about me.

You’re a young man.

You must take care of yourself.

I was like, “You know what?”

Men’s Journal said that Dr. Oz should not care more about my health than I do.

He began to take his health seriously from that point on.

His daily diet consisted only of two protein shakes per day and one small meal each week for the next eight weeks.

He then switched to a strictly 2,000-calorie-per-day diet.

He noticed quick results and finally lost the stubborn 25 pounds that he had been carrying for many years.

He discovered the 5/2 diet, an intermittent fasting method that celebrities like Beyonce and Benedict Cumberbatch love.

He can eat whatever he likes five days per week and then eats less than 500 calories on two days.

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Kimmel restricts his diet on Monday and Tuesday when he drinks coffee and eats pickles, eggs whites, peanut butter, and apples.

He told Men’s Journal that he got the idea from a BBC documentary on an Indian managed about 138.

He said that his secret was strict calorie restriction.

Kimmel admitted that he has maintained a healthy weight of 182 pounds, which is 28 pounds more than his highest weight.

Kimmel also says that he has learned to appreciate good food by following a strict diet.

This diet works well for Kimmel.

However, Jaclyn London, MS, RD and CDN, former Nutrition Director at Good Housekeeping Institute, advised that you avoid intermittent fasting if you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, or have previously suffered from an eating disorder.

London suggested that you ease into the diet if you are in good health.

Also, stock up on nutritious foods for feast days.

London suggested that you start by trying an early bird dinner special.

Then, close your kitchen and have a full breakfast as usual tomorrow.

Before making any significant changes to your diet, make sure you consult your doctor.

Kimmel has a food obsession that continues despite his insane diet.

His pancake recipes and the annual Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes are often shared with his followers.

He also takes tips from Adam Perry Lang and Chris Bianco, two of his closest friends, professional chefs.

He has shifted his focus from his own health to his son Billy over the last few years.

Kimmel was inspired to give more attention to children’s health after Billy was born with a serious heart condition.

His children, Jane, Kevin, and Katie, drive him (alongside the idea of barbecue wings).

We were curious to see how one of our favorite comedians did it.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Diet Plan

Jimmy Kimmel's Diet Plan

As with everything, I started from scratch.

Exercise and diet are the most important things I do.

Then, I’m all out. I decided to have two protein shakes every day and one small meal each night.

After eight weeks of this, I changed to a strictly 2,000-calorie-per-day diet.

That way, I lost 25 pounds.

For a time, I would eat one piece of salmon every day for lunch.

I find salmon disgusting.

My new obsession, which I have been doing for several years, is to starve twice a week.

It’s called the 5:2 diet, but it has been my practice since before it was known.

Monday through Thursday, I consume less than 500 calories per day.

Then, for five days, I eat like an animal.

Keep your body guessing by “surprising” it.

The idea came from a BBC documentary on an Indian man who looked about 138 years old and claimed severe calorie restriction.

Some people keep a picture of Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig pinned to their fridge for inspiration.

Fasting days are the worst.

I eat pickles and drink coffee most of the time.

Peanut butter and an apple are my “meals.”

I also like the whites of hard-boiled egg whites.

If I feel hungry, I will eat a bowl of oatmeal.

For the rest of my week, I am a glutton.

This includes pizza, pasta, and steak.

Although it sounds difficult, you soon get used to it and realize that you can do it.

It has helped me to stay at 182 pounds.

It has also made me more appreciative of the food I eat.

Intermittent Fasting

jimmy kimmel Diet Plan Intermittent Fasting

In a few Men’s Journal interviews, Jimmy stated that fasting was the one topic that made the biggest difference in his life.

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He was able to appreciate the food he eats by extending the hours he does not eat to at least 14 hours.

He stopped eating junk food immediately.

What could have been a disorder of eating turned into a diet that emphasized his immune system and weight?

He claims that the secret to losing the love handles was strict calorie restriction over several months.

He could eat reasonable-sized meals by adopting an intermittent fasting method, but not too late at night or in the morning.

He has since become an avid foodie and knows almost as much about his micro-and macronutrients as a nutritionist.

What Supplements Does He Need?

jimmy kimmel What Supplements Does He Need

We recommend protein shakes and BCAAs for celebrity workouts.

However, these protein shakes will not be as important if you aren’t lifting weights to build maximum muscle mass.

He’ll still add a few products to his health booster list.


It is possible to obtain the most important micronutrients in your diet by using a high-quality multivitamin.

You should be able to get vitamins A, B, and C. Some of them also have minerals.


As you become more active, your muscles will require more magnesium to function at night and during exercise.

If you experience cramps when you lie down, it is an indication that your magnesium levels are low.


Many people underestimate zinc, but research has shown that it is essential for immune system health and hormone production.

Zinc is essential for supporting testosterone production.

This will make it easier to manage your weight and increase muscle mass.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient, especially during winter when there isn’t much sunlight exposure.

Vitamin D3 is essential for your immunity and overall health.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Workout

Jimmy Kimmel's Workout

Jimmy is not aiming to become the next Mr. Universe.

His workouts will differ from those of bodybuilders.

Anyone who has gained too much weight can easily take the same routine to a comedy show.

What Does That All Mean?

This isn’t a workout where you spend hours lifting weights and sweating on different machines.

Hottie Bodies Humpilates

This may be one of the most hilarious sketches Jimmy has ever done.

Let me assure you that it’s a joke before we start getting bombarded by messages about how insane this is.

These videos are worth checking out.

It is funny and ridicules many of the latest exercise fads you see on late-night TV.

This is what we love about it.

We believe Jimmy invented it because he has repeatedly said that he hates exercise and can’t imagine anything worse than going to the Gym.

However, there is one alternative that’s not as absurd as humping.

The Real Pilates

I am a regular instructor, and many of my clients have taken classes after suffering injuries.

It is a low-impact exercise, very similar to yoga.

It’s also easier to start.

Pilates is an excellent alternative if you aren’t as flexible as you need to make some yoga moves.

It works by combining body stretching and holding muscles under tension.

This creates a burning sensation in the muscles.

It is especially useful for strengthening your core muscles.

All that’s important if you eat peanut butter sandwiches or burgers.

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Do The Jimmy Kimmel Pilates Routine

Do The Pilates Routine Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel’s Humpilates, which uses an exercise ball and a motion, is quite simple.

But if you are more interested in traditional pilates, these classic exercises will help:

The Hundred

Lie on your back on a yoga mat with your legs straight up or bent if you have tight hamstrings.

Look toward your navel and lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the mat.

You can pump your arms vigorously by inhaling and exhaling for 5 to 100 breaths.


Lay on your back with your legs straight and your arms out wide.

Pull your navel towards your spine to get as flat as possible on the floor.

Raise your arms up and bring your chin towards the chest as you inhale.

Inhale, and reach for your toes by rolling your body up.

Do not use momentum.

Keep your legs flat on the ground.

Slowly roll down, keeping your legs on the floor. Inhale.

When you reach the halfway point (the difficult part), exhale.

Ten roll-ups equal 50 regular sit-ups.

Half-Circles Of The Leg

Place your arms at your sides and lie face up.

One knee should be bent, the other straight up in the air.

Keep your back flat on the floor by circling the straight leg.

Do this for 30 seconds.

Reverse direction.

Reverse the direction.

Single Leg Stretch

Lie on your back, flat on your stomach.

Keep your knees bent in front of you and your hands on your shins.

Keep one leg straight out and keep your back low on the mat.

Flex your legs and tap your ankles and knees with your hands.

A New Jimmy

A New Jimmy Kimmel

The show used to be a great place to share fat jokes.

At first, I didn’t understand why the audience wasn’t laughing as much.

I realized they weren’t laughing at my jokes because I didn’t believe they were fat.

My writers were disappointed by my weight loss.

Being relatively thin is not funny.

There is a lot of pressure on me to lose weight.

I don’t want the guy who loses weight and gains it back.

It’s not easy.

Sometimes, I gain nine pounds in one weekend.

It’s frustrating.

My wife will tell me, “Don’t forget, you married me when you were fat.”

Then, I just buckle down and eat the extra pounds.

Burt Helm was the one who said it.


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