HMB is a by-product or metabolite of the breakdown of the body’s amino acid leucine (leucine), which is found in both vegetable and animal foods. Its feature is to burn fat and build muscle while increasing your performance during exercise.

Many clinical trials of HMB (b-hydroxy-b-methyl butyrate) have shown promise. In a study conducted at Iowa State University, 40 men were given HMB (3 g per day) and a placebo.

Individuals did weight exercises three days a week for four weeks. After four weeks of use and exercise, the group using HMB achieved more muscle growth than those who did not use HMB; It has been found that they burn more fat and are stronger.

HMB is not a miraculous dietary supplement; it will not see any positive effect on individuals who do not exercise. It is especially recommended to be taken with creatine monohydrate (creatine monohydrate). In this way, you will be able to get better efficiency from exercises.

Since HMB and creatine monohydrate is substances created in the body, their use together will not cause any side effects.

Usage: Taking 3 to 5 grams of HMB daily with meals and after work is recommended.

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