5 Effective Wrist Stretch Moves for Desk Workers

Are your wrists causing discomfort when working out in exercises such as pushups or presses? What about your daily life, like when you work on your computer?

Giordano provides the latest episode of “The Fix” featuring the physical therapy Daniel Giordano, DPT, P.T, CSCS and Samuel Chan, DPT, ATC, CSCS of Bespoke Treatments the details on five wrist exercises for mobility. These movements are ideal for anyone, whether you’re a weightlifter or aren’t spending enough time sitting at your desk.

Follow closely with Giordano to watch all the stretching exercises in action, and then implement them in your daily routine to help promote pain-free movement.

5 Wrist Mobility Stretch Moves

Wrist Rolls

Make five slow wrist movements in one direction, then move to the other direction. “The primary thing we’re trying to be sure we have every inch of this range of movement,” says Giordano. This will allow for greater mobility and ease the pressure from the joint.

The Wave

Secure your fingers by locking them, and then make a wave. Then, move your fingers across the entire range of motion and the flexion extension of your wrist.

Wrist Prayer Stretch

Bring your hands together in a prayer posture at chest height. Please keep them in place, bringing your fingers and palms in place to create pressure. Lower them to the side to feel a stretch that extends from your wrist to your forearms.

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Forward Back Rocks

The wrist mobility exercise is performed with your knees and hands. Move forward (if you notice discomfort, you’ve gone too long) and then reverse while keeping your hands on the floor. Five times and then flip them to face your body with your thumbs facing one another on the inside. Now move your body weight to the back. Perform five of these too.

Side-To-Side Shift

On all fours, put your hands on the ground, facing outwards and then shift your weight left and feel the stretch and return to the center. (These actions should be tiny.) Change your hands and then turn them toward the back (still in front of the ceiling) to face one another. “We’re not doing the stretches for extended lengths in time,” Giordano says. Giordano. “We’re actively or dynamically stretching so that we may temporarily increase the range of motion, blood flow, circulation into the joint, and increase the range of motion so that you can move with a full range of motion in the joint.”

When you’ve completed the stretch, make wrist waves for a couple of minutes to check how wide your motion range is, and then perform some wrist circles. Done!


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