7 Amazing Abs Exercises With Pull-Up Bar

They don’t get much credit because they are such versatile pieces of fitness equipment. Sure, you could utilize a pull-up bar to shape your lats and arms, but did you know that you can also use them to build your overall strength?

Yes, pull-up bars are fantastic for the core as well. Continue reading to find out seven perfect pull-up exercises for abs you can attempt right now.

#1 Hanging Knee Raises

When performing the fundamental exercises on the pull-up bar hanging, knee raises should be one of the most important movements to master. This workout will be an underlying exercise for most other exercises within this listing. Therefore, it’s crucial to become comfortable before moving on to the more complex techniques included here.

For this exercise, begin by grasping the pull-up bar like you would when you are planning to perform a traditional overhand grip pull-up. From there, follow these instructions:

  • Inhale deeply and hold your core.
  • Exhale and then tuck your hips into your chest to activate your core
  • When your hips are tight, you can bend your knees and slowly lift them towards your chest.
  • Maintain this position for a moment before slowly lowering your knees as you breathe.

Make sure to tighten your hips and then re-engage your core muscles at the beginning of every rep. If you don’t, your hip flexors could be in charge and will eventually do a lot of the work.

If this is too difficult, you could modify it by performing an alternate version using alternating legs. Keep one leg straight while you raise one leg towards your chest. You can do this one at a time.

#2 Hanging Leg Raises

Once you’re comfortable with your knee raises on the hang, you can move to leg raises that hang. Like knee raises, they are a common choice for people who love doing ab exercises with the pull-up bar.

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Begin hanging leg raises the similar way to hanging knee raises. Once you’re comfortable hanging from at least a few minutes (or at the very least, as comfortable hanging on a bar pull up could be), Do the following:

  • Inhale deeply and hold your core.
  • Tuck your hips under
  • Inhale and raise your legs and feet without bending your knees.
  • Make sure you position your legs in a parallel position to the ground.
  • Maintain this position for one moment, then lower the legs again while you inhale. Then prepare for a second rep.

Like the knee raises hanging from the ceiling, you can reverse this workout by lifting the legs at a time instead of lifting them in tandem.

#3 Toes To Bar

Suppose you’re comfortable with the essential pull-up bar exercise such as hanging knees or leg raises. In that case, you’ll be ready to progress to more advanced exercises such as toes to bar.

This fantastic routine is a must of most Crossfit exercises that truly get those abs in motion. It’s tough on your forearm and lat muscles, as they’re required to work hard to stabilize you and prevent you from falling off the bar.

Start by hanging off the bar, as if you’re about to complete the pull-up you’ve always done, and then take these steps:

  • Inhale and then swing your feet to the side.
  • While doing this, you squeeze your glutes and the core muscles.
  • Inhale and then move your legs forward, using energy and core strength to move your toes and feet to the bar.
  • Move them back and behind you to prepare for a second rep if your feet meet them.

#4 Windshield Wipers

When the toes to Bar exercise becomes too easy, you can try advancing the exercise and giving those obliques a little more attention by using windshield wipers. If you’re searching for an abs workout that is a blast using the pull-up bar, then windshield wipers are the best alternative.

Start by hanging off the pull-up and then completing one repetition of the toes-to-bar exercise described previously. If your toes and feet are in contact with the bar, perform these exercises:

  • Take a deep breath and gradually lower your heels to one side, with your body as still possible.
  • You should hold this position for about one second, exhale and lift your feet again to the middle position.
  • Inhale, lower your feet to the opposite side, making sure your body is as steady as possible.
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Make sure you do the same number of reps for each side while performing this exercise.

#5 L-Sit Hang

Incorporating the isometric exercises with your pull-up bar abs exercise is a fantastic option to improve endurance and strength. L-sit exercises will test your core muscles, to be specific, but they’ll also assist you in working on your grip strength and the strength of your upper back.

To stand in the proper position for hanging from an L-sit, begin by doing the hanging leg raise. After you’ve lifted your legs to the point that they’re parallel with the ground, bring them into your core and stay in this position for the length of time you’re able to.

Keep your hips tight when you’re in the L-sit posture. So your core muscles will do most of the work instead of the hips flexors.

#6 L-Sit Hanging Twists

If you’re looking to increase the intensity of your L-sit hang, and add some motion back into the routine, give hanging L-sit twists a go. This exercise is a good exercise for the obliques, and it’s also great to move the spine around at the same time.

Using the pull-up bar for these specific abdominal exercises, Begin by entering the basic L-sit hang. From here, you can follow these instructions:

  • Inhale and make sure that the core is activated.
  • Exhale slowly turn the legs to the opposite side with the feet flexed and keeps the hips tight to ensure core stability.
  • Inhale and return to middle position.
  • Inhale and turn towards the opposite side.

#7 Hanging Crunches

Suppose you’ve seen any of the Rocky films. In that case, you’re probably familiar with the concept that hanging crunches is a good idea. Instead of tucking them up in the ceiling of a barn, it’s possible to hang them from a pull-up bar (or those monkey bars at any playground in your area, such as demonstrated in this video).

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While performing these pull-up bar abs exercises, do one repetition of the toes-to-bar exercise. When your toes touch the bar, you can swing your legs upwards onto the bar until it rests on your knees. Then, you’re running your feet to keep in the position.

Once you’re comfortable, release your grip, then slowly drop yourself until you’re upside down (you may want to have someone nearby who can observe you). From here, take these steps:

  • Breathe deeply, and then brace your core.
  • Inhale, get your abs engaged and lift your torso upwards until you’re knee-deep
  • You can hold this position for one minute, lower down, and then set up for another repetition.

It’s Time To Test These Pull-Up Bar Exercises For Abs

The pull-up bar isn’t just an excellent tool for upper-body workouts. They’re also an excellent tool for those who need to strengthen their core.

Keep this list of exercises for pulling up the bar to strengthen your abs to help you build the muscles and shape of your midsection now.


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