Alexis Ren Workout & Diet: Her Secrets to a Fit Body

Alexis Ren is a 22-year-old model from California who took the modeling scene by storm in 2017 when Maxim’s cover star for August’s edition.

Her perfect, slim, and well-defined body shape resulted in her appearance as a model in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for 2018, which is a challenging feat for a model of the caliber of Alexis Ren.

If you look at her photoshoot photos and her blog posts, you can see that she’s paying close focus on her abs and core to ensure that she doesn’t show any trace of fat.

After watching a chat with Alexis Ren, I decided to look a bit deeper into what she is doing with her Alexis Ren diet and her fitness routine and exercise routine every day to see what it could do for those trying to lose weight.

Let’s take a deep dive to discover how Alexis Ren achieves her perfect bikini shape by following her diet and exercise routine.

Alexis Ren Sample Weekly Workout Routine

Alexis Ren Workout Routine

If you’re among Alexis, the followers of her pictures, videos, or posts posted on her social channels, mainly her Instagram feed, There are a few things that you are likely to notice about her fitness and workout routine at the gym.

In the beginning, she is working out at least five days per week; however, in most instances, she works out multiple times per day. This isn’t surprising, considering such a figure can’t occur without making an effort.

But the majority of workouts aren’t weight training in the gym. The alternative is that Alexis concentrates on a fantastic mix of abdominal exercises and cardiovascular routines, including Pilates and running, hiking, boxing, yoga, etc.

The Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube feeds are filled with updates about her fitness routine, with no weight training. One of the most popular posts she’s ever shared has been the 10-minute ab routine.

To aid you in your preparation for the test, I’ve listed the various exercises. Also, you must definitely check out her videos on YouTube too.

The idea is to complete each exercise of this routine for 30 seconds with no interruptions.

  1. Sit-ups: With knees bent, lift your body halfway
  2. Knee-to-knee crunches With your knees bent and hands resting on your thighs, raise them until your hands are touching the knees.
  3. The heels touch: Slightly lift yourself up and then shift from the side and back until you touch your heels.
  4. Cycling crunches When lying down and moving your legs through a cycle without being able to touch the ground.
  5. Russian Twists By bending your knees, lift yourself about halfway and turn from side to side.
  6. Crunches that reach through The same as knee-to-knee crunches, but you’ll need to start with your hands elevated above your body
  7. Legs and ceiling crunch With your legs straight upwards, raise yourself until you reach your toes.
  8. Leg lifts with toe taps, Like bicycle crunches, raise your legs from the ground, and alternate every toe that touches the ground.
  9. Kicks with Flutter Spread flat onto the ground, lift your straight legs to the halfway mark, and then alternate kick.
  10. Kicks with scissors: Like Flutter kicks, however, you move your legs straight across one another
  11. Leg lifting: Start with straight legs barely above the surface, and then raise them up to the top, then return them
  12. A leg-up and alternating toe crunch The same as leg-to-ceiling crunches; however, the right-hand alternates with the left foot and the left hand to the right foot.
  13. Crunch kicks Beginning in an upright position in a seated position, knees bent. Then lift your feet off the floor, stretch them out, then come back into the same place.
  14. Climbers from the mountains: Alternate each knee and pull it to your chest in a plank.
  15. Plank Plank your elbow while keeping a straight body
  16. Plank on the right side: Keep your balance on the right arm, with body straight
  17. Right side plank Keep your balance on the left arm, keeping your body straight.
  18. Plank (again): Make an elbow plank using a straight, dead body
  19. Plank twists While in plank posture, bend your torso, then bring your hips toward the ground.
  20. Spider climbers The same as mountain climbers, but with knees moving away and away from you
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Ten minutes may seem like a lot. However, I’m sure you’ll have a hard time keeping on top of it initially. Take a look at this video and get motivated!

Alexis Ren Diet Plan

Alexis Ren Workout & Diet

Alexis frequently posts images and new ideas for cooking meals to keep her stunning body. She is very conscious of her healthy lifestyle. Although she’s not vegan, she has a tendency to avoid some dairy and meat-based products from breakfast until dinner.

Her diet is comprised of eggs and coffee with tea for breakfast, vegetable food items like burgers, fruit at lunch, and organic banana Ice cream (which is made from almond milk). Absolutely no fast food or red meat!

She also doesn’t follow the strict 3 meals-a-day rule. She disperses her nutritional needs in several smaller meals and keeps them to a minimum.

If you are a regular exerciser and looking for massive fat loss, this is a crucial method to follow. It keeps your hunger under control and helps maintain motivation and nutritional balance.

Here are some of the ideas and recipes that she’s shared throughout the years, including everything including breakfast, snacks, and more (which includes things such as Kale chips and trail mix).


  • It is more like coffee than tea, is essential to start your day with
  • Smoothies made with mixed fruits and berries.
  • Gluten-free pancakes without sugar and only a few eggs


  • Chicken salad and Kale generally provide plenty of protein from the chicken and other vegetables to help keep muscles strong.
  • Mix bowl of fruit and a salad at lunchtime
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  • Vegetarian burgers made with lettuce buns and avocado that is organic
  • Banana Ice Cream: basically, the banana is blended with almond milk and almond milk; it is delicious.


  • Mixed fruit salad made with mango, papaya and pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, and mango
  • Perfect Protein bar (purple is her preferred)
  • Trail mix that does not contain chocolate
  • Kale chips (no Hummus, sadly)
  • Rice crackers topped with almond butter made from organic almonds.

As you can see, it’s not a simple exercise that counts calories by itself, but focused on eating healthy organic, natural, and clean food (devoid of items like sugar, bread, red meat, alcohol) in small amounts.

In addition to all of this, Alexis makes sure she gets at two liters of fluid every day. It’s not only about hydration but also detoxing. The more you cleanse your body by drinking water and consuming a healthy diet, the better overall health.

However, this Alexis Ren diet doesn’t end with her; she also relies on certain supplements to improve her appearance and feel amazing.

Last Thoughts on Alexis Ren’s Workout Routine

Alexis Ren 10-Minute Abs Workout & Diet

As you can observe, Alexis fully understands the importance of diet and exercise when they are combined. Do not try to compensate for the lack of fast meals and red meats with working out at the gym in the end, since that could cause disappointment.

If you stick with the Alexis Ren diet plan and workout routine, you’ll require a few supplements to reach your goal.

There are plenty of fantastic products that are safe and effective.

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We’d love to hear how well you’re getting into the ab-training routine and whether you have discovered any clever techniques to increase the results.


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