Cable Triceps Kickback: Essential Exercise for Toned Arms

Cable triceps kickback exercise has been known to be among the most effective exercises for isolation of the triceps.

If you’re looking to increase the strength of your upper body and size and appearance, then this cable kickback workout is perfect for you!

Muscles Worked By The Cable Triceps Kickback

The Primary Muscle Groups

Based on its name, it will not be a surprise to learn that the cable triceps kickback targets your triceps.

The triceps muscle consists of 3 “heads:” the long medial and the lateral head.

The cable triceps kickback targets across all the three heads of muscle groups; it primarily concentrates on the lateral head of the triceps.

Second Muscle Groups

While the cable triceps kickback is an isolation exercise for your triceps muscles, it also helps other muscles.

The deltoids in your rear and other muscles of your back’s mid-upper back strengthen to stabilize your upper body.

Additionally, the core muscles are activated to support your midsection when bent over during the exercise.

Cable Triceps Kickback Step by Step Instructions

  • Prepare your cable triceps kickback by connecting a single grip handle to a cable with a low pulley machine and choosing the weight you would like to employ.
  • Grab the handle using your left hand using the grip of your overhand and make a step back from the machine.
  • Keep your feet in a straight line, and your knees bent slightly to bend your knees so that your entire body sits with the floor.
  • Make use of your free hand to help you stabilize yourself.
  • Lift your elbow to the highest point you can and hold it in the side of your body. This is the beginning position during the exercises.
  • Keep your elbow in the same place and your body in place, and extend your arm to the maximum extent you can.
  • Squeeze the triceps and slowly lower the weight down to the starting point.
  • Repeat for desired reps.
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Exercise Tips:

  • It is important to hold your elbow up as much as possible and not move it any time during the set.
  • Squeeze the triceps and hold for a period of two to add force to the exercise.
  • In general, always begin by working on your weakest part first. In the majority of cases, it will be your left.

Cable Triceps Kickback Benefits

#1 Bigger And Stronger Triceps

Cable Triceps Kickback Benefits

Cable triceps kickback can be described as one of the most effective exercises for the triceps.

The strength of your triceps is crucial to performing well in other upper-body exercises, such as the benches, the chest press and other exercises.

Building your triceps muscles aren’t only for display. 

It can also increase your performance in other workouts at the fitness centre!

#2 Triceps Isolation

Cable Triceps Kickbacks Instruction

The cable triceps kickback can be described as an exercise that is isolated. 

Also, kickbacks let you train your triceps without focusing on other muscles.

Triceps Isolation exercises are particularly beneficial for athletes, bodybuilders or anyone looking to build triceps but not working other muscle groups.

#3 Enhanced Mind-Muscle Connection

Cable Triceps Kickbacks

The mind-muscle connection is the practice of focusing your attention on contracting the muscles while doing an exercise instead of simply moving your body around to complete the exercise.

This cable kickback enables you to focus solely on working one triceps at a time, improving your mind-muscle connection and hypertrophy in the triceps.

Most Common Cable Triceps Kickback Mistakes

#1 Flaring Your Elbow

Cable Triceps Kickback Step by Step Instruction

Many weightlifters extend their elbows wide while doing triceps cable kickback.

The tension is transferred away from your triceps and into your rear delts if your elbow is swollen. 

While there’s no problem with exercising your shoulders, you’re trying to reduce the triceps muscles.

Ensure that you put your elbow into your body to correct this error.

#2 Moving The Elbows

How To Cable Triceps Kickback

The most common cable triceps kickback blunder is not allowing your elbow to move from its normal position. 

Often, individuals tend to move their arms off the body to pull the cable backwards.

Again, this error eliminates tension in your triceps. 

Instead, reduce the weight and keep your elbow still.

Only your forearm must move during the exercise.

#3 You’re Rounding Your Back

How To Do Cable Triceps Kickback

The act of rounding your back in your cable kickback puts the spine at a high risk of stress.

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To prevent injury and ensure that you are targeting your triceps, place your feet securely on the ground, work your core and ensure that your back is flat throughout the exercise.

Cautions And Modifications

Cable Triceps Kickback Instruction
  • Although strength-building exercises can provide you with many advantages, it’s good to follow some guidelines to ensure security and keep yourself from injuries.
  • It is important to warm up and cool down your body for 5-10 minutes between the beginning and the end of every session.
  • If you’re new to exercising, Make sure to build slowly and under the supervision of a professional in exercise.
  • Use the smallest weight you can find while learning the correct technique and technique.
  • Use steady, smooth, controlled movements instead of violent and violent ones.
  • Be sure to maintain a soft, healthy breath through your daily routine.
  • Be careful with these exercises if you suffer from shoulder, neck or back injuries.
  • If you feel any discomfort during or following these exercises, you must stop them immediately.
  • Be patient and ensure that your body is fully recovering from any injury, even if it’s a minor one, before doing anything other than moderate, gentle exercises.
  • It’s best to leave at minimum one full day each week to give your muscles to relax and recuperate.

Variations Of Cable Triceps Kickback

#1 Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

Dumbbell triceps kickback are the most popular variation of cable triceps kickback.

To start, grab a pair of dumbbells with your palms facing one another. 

Take a standing posture with your feet about an inch apart.

Maintaining your spine straight, extend your back and hinge your lower back until you are equal to the floor. 

Keep the dumbbells near the chest. 

Relax your arms until your elbow is at an angle of 90 degrees by bringing your forearm to a 90-degree angle.

While keeping your elbows fixed and your triceps contracted, pull the dumbbells in front of you till your arms extend fully. 

Make sure you squeeze your triceps towards the highest point of the rep. 

Take a break for a second and then slowly return to your starting position.


#2 Resistance Band Triceps Kickback

It is also possible to perform the triceps kickback using an elastic band.

Begin by grasping one of the bands’ handles, keeping your palms facing your direction. 

Place the resistance band using one foot and move back using the other foot.

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Keep your back straight and straight; bend your back at the waist to ensure that your back is as high as the ground. 

Use your triceps for support to stretch your arms and push the handles backwards.

Make sure you squeeze your triceps to the end of each exercise and slowly return to your starting position. 


#3 1-Arm Kettlebell Kickback

It is still possible to unintentionally work on your triceps with the use of handheld weights.

To start, you need to grab a kettlebell with your palm facing upwards.

Keep your back straight and move your body to the midsection until the back of your body is in line with the floor. 

The kettlebell should be placed closer to your chest.

Complete the kickback using a similar form to the cable triceps kickback. 


Last Words For Cable Triceps Kickback

Cable Triceps Kickback serves as an exercise that isolates you and helps build muscles and strength in the three heads that make up the triceps muscle. 

It’s not regarded as an exercise that builds mass; however, it’s extremely effective in building a muscle-mind connection that helps you engage your muscles more effectively during every repetition.

Cable Triceps kickback are highly beneficial in gaining strength because they create continuous tension on target muscles, which is essential for a tense and supple muscle. 

Also, be sure to include more work with cables and the triceps kickback to ensure optimal growth of your muscles.


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