Chalene Johnson Plastic Surgery Experiment At Laguna Beach

Chalene Johnson talks about her incredible experience with plastic surgery during her time in Laguna Beach when she went to have a breast reduction procedure. Chalene Johnson plastic surgery doctor was Dr. Arian Mowlavi.

Chalene Johnson is a fitness expert, an artistic director New York Times Best Seller, an impressive businesswoman, a marketing and lifestyle expert public speaker, and the founder of the SmartLife movement.

Recently, Chalene has been in the news for her private life more than any other. In actuality, Chalene’s plastic procedure performed in Laguna Beach is trending across the web.

Chalene Johnson Plastic Surgery In Laguna Beach Is Carried Out By A Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Arian Mowlavi

Chalene Johnson recently published a podcast titled “Lifer Update” My Plastic Surgery Nightmare – 723. She discussed her experience while undergoing one specific elective plastic surgery procedure: the reduction of breasts.

After hearing the audio, one Reddit user wrote:

It’s awe-inspiring and eye-opening… as well, should you be living near the area (Laguna Beach), you should discover who this Dr . is.

A Redditor commented,

Found him! Dr. Mowlavi. “Dr. Laguna.” On Yelp, go down to the bottom, and when you click the “210 reviews that are not recommended,” you’ll see some reviews of s&&t.

Another user wrote:

I’m listening now! I am a huge fan and have interacted with her at various events. She’s the best you’ve ever imagined in person or in private. She’s the ultimate Diggity, And if I was to run for president, what I got her for Christmas, I’d be the first candidate in line 2!

Suppose you’re looking to find out the specifics. In that case, we’d recommend listening to the full podcast on this page but with a warning about triggers. Johnson talks about her horrific experiences, including the harassment of women, dismissive attitude and insufficient hygiene, bullying, and a host of other disturbing events.

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The episode includes highly sensitive material, for example, images of processes and adult language/situations, and the list goes on. This isn’t her typical “lifer” updates, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s safe to say that kids certainly shouldn’t be listening to it.

Chalene stated that on this particular podcast, she wanted to be candid and transparent about the unbelievable and frightening circumstances following her plastic surgery plan.

Chalene Johnson Previously Altered Her Life And Brain

We often carry a myriad of negative mental habits before we can fully understand the health of our brain. Fast food, excessive sugar, not sleeping enough at night, working long hours, and having trouble staying focused are all common negative habits that we’ve fallen victim to at one point or another throughout our lives.

Chalene Johnson attended a clinic due to having difficulty concentrating as well as it was because she (sort of) thought she “wasn’t clever” or that it took a while to grasp.

The brain scans of the woman’s brain revealed two important aspects. One was that she had extremely low activity in various brain areas. The scan also revealed inadequate blood flow to her brain due to previous concussions.

Two, doctors were worried about her brain’s bumpy, lumpy appearance. They recognized that the rough look resulted from a long-term sleep lack. Chalene admitted that she was unable to recall when she last slept comfortably.

The advice of the experts for her was to improve her intake of nutrients and cleanse her diet. In response, Chalene responded:

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This seemed to be impossible to me. I consume a pure, natural diet. I was, therefore, at a loss as to why this was a suggestion. But, it did lead me to consult a functional doctor and have a nutritional test completed. I was stunned by what the nutritional panel revealed, inspiring me to research numerous experts. Then I came across specialists in gut health, who have helped me realize that everything is connected to the gut.

The health of your gut significantly impacts all body activities, such as metabolic rate, enzymes, weight loss, the capacity to lose weight, cognitive capacities such as sleep, attention, and the way your body can perform.

In the meantime, many fans could not help but notice the destructive ways she acted like fake nails, breast implants, false eyelashes, hair dye, and cosmetics. They believe this may have had an effect on her brain’s functions.


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