Darcey Silva Weight Loss: Surgery, Diet & Workout Plan

Darcey Silva stunned her fans. Her appearance was revealed after a lengthy absence from the series 90 Day Fiance. When she was back in the second season of 90 Day Fiance, she was a different person than prior.

Darcy, as well as her sibling, has undergone several plastic surgery procedures. Their appearance had been transformed a lot after getting those procedures.

Darcey had a desire to lose weight for quite a while. However, she could not find the drive to make it happen. After some time, she was inspired to lose some weight. This time, she had the motivation and time to achieve her goal. Let’s look at Darcey Silva weight loss journey to find out more.

Darcey Silva Weight Loss Journey

Darcey began losing weight after season one of 90 Day Fiance. She began exercising and had a consult with a nutrition expert.

Darcy began to follow a diet and exercise every day. It was difficult to keep it up consistently when she started.

After a while, it became her normal routine. She altered her diet and adhered to an eat-healthy diet. Diets helped him reduce weight dramatically.

Darcey Silva Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Silva’s sisters remove unhealthy foods from their meals. They also cut down on Sugar, Carbs, and cold Drinks. They also started eating healthier and more delicious food.

This aids them in gradually losing weight. Silva’s sisters follow the same food plan. They don’t consume any type of fast food.

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As opposed to drinking soda instead, they drink lots of water. This is an extremely useful suggestion if you’re also trying to shed some weight.

Drink plenty of water during your day. If you drink plenty of water before eating your meal, you’ll consume less, and the water will fill up your stomach. Thus, this can help you lose weight.

Darcey Silva Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Darcy began walking every morning, and it has helped her greatly. She also sometimes is on a treadmill when she doesn’t have time to go running.

A walk in the morning can be beneficial when you don’t have time to exercise and don’t have time to go to the fitness center. It will help you burn a lot of fat over the long run. You will also begin feeling healthier and more energy-dense.

Darcey Silva Weight Loss: Surgery

Silva’s sisters went through several procedures. For that, they received a lot of criticism from the public. Some believe that they appear more beautiful than they did before the operation. They also look less attractive.

Darcey Silva Weight Loss: Before And After

Darcey’s sisters shed about 100 pounds during their journey to lose weight. Before having the gastric operation, Silva Sisters’ natural look was gorgeous, but following the procedure, they’re less attractive. However, Darcey hasn’t responded to any criticisms about their procedure.


Silva’s sisters go through a variety of issues in their lives. They are still able to begin losing weight and maintain the process regularly.

If you’re trying to shed some weight, begin today. Do not wait for the perfect moment because there isn’t the right time to make any changes.

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