Dumbbell Concentration Curl: Build Strong Biceps with Ease

The dumbbell concentration curl is an important isolation exercise for the biceps.

If you’re looking to increase your strength, arm size, and appearance, then the dumbbell concentration curl is perfect for you.

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl: Working Muscles

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl Working Muscles

Primary Muscle Group

The dumbbell concentrate curl principally targets your brachii of the biceps.

The bicep muscle consists of 2 “heads:” a long head and a short. Both heads function as a unit in pulling and lifting movements.

Secondary Muscle Group

The dumbbell concentration curl also works your brachialis muscles, which are located in your biceps that lie below the brachii of your biceps.

Additionally, it activates the smaller muscles in your forearms that help ensure your arm is stable when you curl it.

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl: Benefits

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl Benefits

#1 Strength And Size Gains

The dumbbell concentration curl is a top bicep exercise. Since the arm is anchored, the biceps are subjected to more tension than when you do a typical bicep curl.

This isolation exercise helps strengthen the biceps muscle and increases the hypertrophy of the biceps.

Building your biceps muscle isn’t just for display -it can enhance your performance during other workouts at the gym, like your barbell rows and lat pulldowns. Lat Pulldown.

#2 Improved Athletic Performance

The dumbbell concentration curl could also be a huge improvement in the performance of your athletes. Every sport that requires throwing or swinging, rowing, and similar motions relies on strong biceps.

This is why doing the curls that focus your mind can help you throw more and row for longer. The dumbbell’s focus curl will give you an edge over your rivals.

#3 Improved Aesthetics

Let’s face it, most people want more attractive arms. Suppose you’re looking for a specific goal. In that case, you can utilize the dumbbell concentration curl to build bigger, stronger, and clearly defined biceps.

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This workout is easy to master and will help improve the look of your arms quickly.

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl: Instructions


To perform this exercise, you’ll require one dumbbell.


  • Take a dumbbell and hold it with a neutral grip.
  • Sit on a bench, with your feet set firmly in the earth.
  • Put your elbow inside your thigh above your knee to assist. Your elbow should be straight, and your dumbbell should be placed just above the floor.


  1. Engage your bicep in a way to lift the dumbbell to the side.
  2. Squeeze your bicep with force towards the top of the rep. Then return to the starting position.
  3. Repeat the exercise for your desired amount of reps. Ensure that you switch arms.


Pick the lightweight first, and then complete 3-4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions if you’re new the dumbbell concentration curl.

If you’re more comfortable with your form, grab a pair of heavier dumbbells. Stick to an 8-8 reps range, which is good for three sets.

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl: Mistakes

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl Mistakes

#1 Completing Partial Reps

The most frequent error in concentration is to complete partial repetitions. Lifters may not curl to the top, or they fail to return the dumbbell back to its starting position.

In any case, this error will hinder your ability to maximize the effectiveness of the dumbbell concentration curl. It is always best to work with less weight and good form than to lift greater weight if you have poor technique. It is okay to lower the weight you lift and do full repetitions.

#2 Using Momentum

The dumbbell concentration curl stops individuals from using momentum to pull the weight. But, some lifters fall into this trap by using their legs and upper bodies to lift the dumbbell.

In reality, they are trying to pull too much weight.

The solution is straightforward Pick a lighter weight and concentrates on improving your technique. It will improve your gains and reduce the chance of getting hurt!

#3 Spraying The Motion

Another common error to avoid during the dumbbell concentration curl is to rush the movement. They do a downward curl with a steady pace before letting the dumbbell slide quickly to the ground.

It’s not just dangerous, but the mistake could be stealing huge gains that could be achieved in the eccentric part of the exercise.

Instead of racing to complete the movement, move the dumbbell upwards and downwards slowly and in a controlled manner. This will improve your duration under tension and the dumbbell concentration curl’s advantages.

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The Dumbbell Concentration Curl: Variations

#1 Standing Concentration Curl

Take a stand with your feet spaced more than the shoulder width. Hold the kettlebell with your right hand, and keep your palm facing away from yours.

Transfer your weight towards your right side and place your inner elbow thigh above your knee to provide support.

With this solid base to work from, you can finish the curl the same way as the standard version. Do it again, and make sure you change arms!

#2 Landmine Concentration Curl

Lock the barbell into an attachment for a landmine or corner. Still, you could also stabilize the top of the barbell on the ground directly to the left of the barbell.

The barbell should be slid across your body to be almost perpendicular to the barbell.

Attach your waist to the perimeter and secure the right arm to the right thigh inside at your knee level. Hold the barbell using your right hand with your palm facing the sky.

Completion of the Landmine Concentration curl using the same form and procedure as the normal variation. Repetition and make sure to change arms!

#3 Bodyweight Concentration Curl

No equipment? Problem solved! You can still perform the curl with no weights.

Start by sitting down in an upright chair. While your right leg is planted in the ground, grasp the rear of your left leg using your right hand.

Your right elbow is placed in a secure position on the inner thigh of your right. Utilize your leg as resistance, and then contract your right bicep to lift your left leg up.

Return to the beginning position and do it again. Make sure to change your legs!

The Dumbbell Concentration Curl: Alternatives

If you’ve enjoyed the dumbbell concentration curl, then check out these alternatives bicep exercises that will help you improve your bicep strength:

#1 Supinated Dumbbell Curl

Get a pair of dumbbells by putting your hands towards the front and standing up with your feet apart.

Keep your back straight and engage your biceps muscles to pull the dumbbells up. Press your biceps to the top, then stop for a second.

Gradually lower the dumbbells slowly all the way to the starting position. Repeat this process for the desired number of repetitions.

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#2 Dumbbell Drag Curl

Take a relaxed stance in a sitting position. Take a set of dumbbells and use a supinated (double beneath hand) grip using your hands about the shoulder width.

Move your shoulders and elbows back as you curl the dumbbells up. It should feel like you’re “dragging” these weights on your body.

Press your biceps to the top, then slowly return to your starting position. Repeat this exercise for the desired number of repetitions.

#3 Dumbbell Zottman Curl

Begin by picking up dumbbells in your palms in front. Stand up with your feet about the same width.

Maintaining your back straight, you can contract your biceps until you can lift the dumbbells up. Press your biceps to the top, and then twist your hands until your palms are facing downwards.

Lower the dumbbells slowly to their starting position, then rotate your hands until your palms face the forward direction. Repeat this movement for your desired number of repetitions.

Last Words

The dumbbell concentration curl are a great method of building your arm muscles. Additionally, the dumbbell concentration curl not difficult and don’t require the use of equipment.

A few people do this in their homes (seated version) by using a chair with a dumbbell. If you are traveling and have access to an in-hotel gym, this is a good alternative should the gym doesn’t have barbells.


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