Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss: Diet Plan & Workout Routine

The American TV producer and actress became famous after she played the main part of Jane in the show’s romantic drama on CW, Jane the Virgin. The series’ performance was impressive because she received the Golden Globe Award. Gina’s acting resume includes notable films, including Filly Brown, Annihilation, Miss Baba, and Deepwater Horizon.

When she first entered the world of film, Rodriguez became a role model for girls. One of the main reasons Gina gained women’s attention was that she could feel comfortable in how she was. She doesn’t care what people consider her body so long as she believes she is comfortable with her body.

Gina is among the female stars who have played an important role in helping Hollywood realize that beauty comes in many kinds and forms. However, Rodriquez’s career started in a rather bizarre way.

In the beginning, when she was selected for Jane to be the Virgin, Gina thought that her body would cause problems, so she tried to start Gina Rodriguez weight loss. However, the director of the cast had the opposite reaction. Here’s the way Gina explained the situation:

“After Jane shot the pilot and we were picked up, I was diagnosed with serious influenza. It was a 15-pound loss. Because I’m Puerto Rican, you don’t lose 15 pounds. I was in a state of emaciation.” She also said, “The head of my network and the show’s creators sat me down, and they asked, “Why have you lost weight? We know that we are so proud of you for who you are. Your way of being perfect .'”

Rodriguez recalled the moment, “What an amazing world we live in, where they were awestruck by me for the person I truly was.” This gave Gina confidence an increase. Gina set off on her journey to inspire other women to be their authentic selves and not sacrifice themselves to meet the ideal of beauty.

What Caused Gina To Lose Weight?

Recently, Gina surprised everyone with her slimmer body. Her weight loss was one of the most talked about topics on the internet for Hollywood people. While fans were praising Rodriguez for her decision to lose weight, there were some critics.

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The most frequently asked question Gina was asked was, “Why did you lose weight when you were happy with your body?‘ Now, this question doesn’t make a lot of sense. Still, like always, Gina tried to dispel the confusion among her followers.

Rodriguez was never in opposition to obesity or being healthy. Instead, Rodriguez fought against fat-shaming and stood up for women who couldn’t be considered a part of Hollywood simply because of how they appeared. In terms of her weight reduction, she did it to improve her health.

Gina could not gain weight because the disease she suffered from was called Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease caused by thyroid disease. The thyroid gland is a butterfly beneath Adam’s apple. Hashimoto’s illness affects a wide range of bodily functions.

Apart from affecting bodily functions, it also causes a weight increase. Although it’s mostly water weight and salt, it also slows down the body. Gina embarked on the path to shed weight to combat this sudden increase in weight.

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss Journey

Gina lost weight by adhering to a strict daily routine. She didn’t alter her eating habits for two months. In addition to limiting what she ate, Gina took full control of her calories. Here is her day-to-day diet plan for weight loss;

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss: Diet Plan

The first step Gina took to adopt the new diet was to remove all processed and unhealthy food items out of her refrigerator as well as her kitchen. Gina just took it out of her home. Suppose we try to restrict ourselves from doing something we have done before. In that case, It’s like we are putting ourselves in a position of punishment. If you have something prohibited before you, it certainly feels as if you’ve been punished.

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Another issue is the urge. If Gina was following a healthy diet but opened her fridge, she saw a slice of pizza staring straight at her was very difficult or even impossible to adhere to a healthy eating plan. After she had eliminated junk food, she began following her new plan for eating.

Rodriquez’s diet contains fruits, veggies, dry fruits, salad, lean meat, green tea, fruit juices, protein shake, and chicken. This nutritious combination of food helped Gina lose weight and get back to her fitness.

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss: Workout Routine

To follow her exercise plan, Rodriguez went fully committed. She joined the local gym, attended 5 every day, and left only on weekends. She exercised for an hour at the gym.

Apart from working out at fitness, Gina also practiced Muay Thai frequently. Muay Thai is an art of fighting and martial sport that utilizes standing-up unique and various ways of clinching. In an interview for Shape Magazine, speaking about the sport, Gina said:

“I’m the strongest I’ve been. Being in Muay Thai taught me so many things regarding my physique. Today, I see it as my engine, keeping me in shape and fit.” In her advice to others, Gina said, “I have decided to leave my goal. I would like to tell women following this article you should try whatever they like. You’re tough and robust. You’re .”

In addition to Muay That, Gina has begun rock climbing, the most effective and enjoyable method to burn off calories. She shared a video on her Instagram account captioned, “New Hobby found.”

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Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss: Before & After

In the following days, following a daily routine for weight loss helped Rodriguez tremendously. After two months of healthy living, Gina had slimmed down by 20 pounds. Her weight at present is 116lbs, which is a perfect figure. Before her journey to lose weight, she weighed about 140 pounds.

Last Words

Gina continues battling Hashimoto’s disease, but she’s much healthier. The improvements she has made to her life are mainly due to her massive weight loss. You must stand up for yourself whenever your health is in the spotlight, regardless of what others tell you.


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