How High Blood Pressure Affect You And How To Control It

In this fast pacing world, health issues are growing faster than ever before. Among them, high blood pressure is the most common issue that almost one out of three adults experience. Due to its commonality, people tend to think blood pressure is no big deal. But the truth is, when you don’t seek the right treatment for high blood pressure, you’ll end up facing high negative effects on your body. This article contains the consequences of high blood pressure and crucial ways to control it. 

Risk Of Losing Vision

The eye is an important organ for human life. Imagine losing your vision suddenly due to your carelessness about your blood pressure, hit hard, right? The human eye consists of lots of small blood vessels and high blood pressure is the major snag for these blood vessels. Mostly, you can reverse the vision by lowering the blood pressure. However, if you left it untreated, you might be in high danger of permanent vision loss. 

Heart Failure And Stroke

Heart attacks and strokes are the most feared effects of high blood pressure. High BP vandalizes your artery walls, causing plaque that hardens and eventually blocks your blood flow. Due to this impediment, there’ll be blood clots near your heart and brain, hence resulting in heart failure or stroke. 

Another few negative effects of high BP are kidney failure and sexual impotence. The former issue happens because the arteries around the kidney get damaged and the latter because men with high BP experience erectile dysfunction and women experience low libido.

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Ways To Control High Blood Pressure

Healthy Diet

Whatever medication you’re on, eating a healthy diet is requisite. People with high blood pressure should eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and foods with low fat and cholesterol. Salt is the real enemy of high blood pressure, so taking a significant amount of potassium can lower the effects of salt. Fruits and vegetables are the right options to intake of potassium. Setting a goal of 3500 to 5000 Mg per day will make your body healthy. 


Regular physical activity will lower your blood pressure to at least 5 to 8 mm Hg. You have to exercise for 30 minutes daily to keep your blood pressure levels at a safer level. Remember to keep the physical activity at a moderate level, such as jogging, walking, swimming, and cycling. And if you wish to take up any intense exercises, consider your doctor for a well draft exercise plan that your body can adapt to. 

No Alcohol And Smoking

Alcohol will overshadow the BP medication you’re on. So limiting your alcohol intake to one drink a day is the greatest aid you can do for your health. And smoking, everyone knows it is bad for your health as it spreads toxins in the blood causing heart-related problems. So quit smoking to lower your blood pressure levels and lead a healthy and long-lasting life.

Now, you know the risks of unattended high blood pressure and common ways to control them. If you’re living a stressful life and often experience a mild headache or chest pain, seek a healthcare provider for treatment for high blood pressure to avoid the unnecessary consequences.

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