People have been lifting weights to build stamina and muscle for thousands of years. You might think that currently fitness professionals are working on an optimal workout program.

As a result of research by Swedish scientists, when using more than 60% of the maximum weight lifted in 1 repetition, muscle development is faster, the optimum repetition should be 40-60 repetitions when 4-6 sets are made for each muscle group, the optimum workout frequency is It was determined that there are 3-4 workout sessions a week, and the exercises aimed at working opposite muscle groups caused huge muscle growth.

Researchers have found that they do not know the optimum workout program required for muscles to grow excessively, and that they cannot measure growth rates due to sets, repetitions, or resistance. People respond differently to workout.

Nor can we predict the outcome of the workout of experienced bodybuilders on workout weight lifters. However, a German researcher used a cross-method to determine the optimal number of sets for beginner weight lifters. During the research he tried workout programs with 1-3 sets per exercise. 3 sets achieved the greatest improvement in strength development in the “Biceps Curl” and “Bench Press” workout.

As a result; According to the current data we have, 3 sets per workout is the best for beginners, of course, and a hard and disciplined workout.

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