Myesha Boulton Aka Mya Curvz Weight Loss [REVEALED]

Take a look at Myesha Boulton, also known as Mya Curvz weight loss transformation by taking before and after photos. Most fans believe she had surgery to shed weight, despite claiming to have done so through fitness and diet.

Myesha Boulton, also known as Mya Curvz (on Instagram), made rounds on the internet following her claimed weight loss success was a hit online.

But, she’s not getting no praise, as she’s clearly deceiving fans by declaring that she accomplished everything through an organic process.

Although diet, fitness exercise, and workouts might have been involved in helping her lose weight, the form of her body gives the impression that she was through the ring, specifically when you consider her appearance before losing weight.

Mya Curvz Weight Loss Before And After Makes It Obvious She Underwent Surgery

In a post on Instagram that has since been deleted, Myesha Boulton or Mya Curvz wrote about how she was enjoying her past compared to her current. She stated that it was hard to reach her goal, and she wasn’t finished in her quest to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mya believes that every diet and weight loss journey will be unique and has received negative and positive feedback throughout her journey. But, she’s always optimistic and hasn’t let anything get her off track.

It was a great time for everyone. Tik Tok star ended her speech by exhorting everyone to remain focused and do what’s most beneficial for them. She emphasized that you should never let anyone deter you from your goals. Each target is achievable when you put your heart and energy into the task.

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Although these words of wisdom sounded well, her actions were anything but.

On December 19th, 2017, The Shade Room took to Instagram. They seemed enthralled by her weight reduction transformation Mya Curvz and her apparent boyfriend at the time, Chuck.

They wrote,

However, fans quickly noted in the comments that she had surgery to get this physique. Apparently, Dr. Cabral was the one who held the knife, and there was nothing to suggest that she was made from scratch.

Some of the discussions posted on Lipstick Alley, which was launched on July 15th, 2018, discussed how she lost weight. Not surprisingly, no one was impressed by her, as everything seemed fake, and her marketing gimmick of “path towards fitness” was considered false.

One user wrote:

Squeezed. Toothpaste. Tube. Shouldn’t waist-training shoes be worn only for a few hours with a shirt or dress? Why are they still being promoted as fitness and health tool?

The second was,

She’s a fraud. She is lying about how she was born like that. I’m involved in various surgeries and read many pages on surgery and was able to catch her lying. She’s still trying to deflect it.

The patient went to DR for Tummy Tucks, BBL, by the infamous Dr.Cabral. He uploaded the photo of her right after the procedure, but she then demanded he takes it down. Thankfully, the people who took pictures.

The third claimant,

The feet of her look like sausages. And she believes that she lost weight on her own?

The fourth was quite angry,

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I am really annoyed having women have surgery only to begin this fitness routine by giving women advice on how to see results. Her body doesn’t look real of weight loss. Her lower half remains extremely big.

Another user has been identified,

The procedure was a tummy-tuck and fat transfer when she lay behind. Even if she didn’t, she is still quite obese to me, with a smaller stomach, so I’m not sure about taking her nutrition/workout/waist trainer advice.

There is no way to be happy with Mya Curvz making false claims.

Evidently, Her “after” transition isn’t very appealing as her body appears unbalanced. We believe that Mya Curvz appeared much more beautiful before weight loss.

Rapper Future Rumors Claim To Have Had An Affair With Myesha Boulton, Aka Mya Curvz.

Future and his girlfriend, Lori Harvey (step-daughter of American comedian Steve Harvey), seemed to have a good relationship.

Certain, Future had past affairs, and he appeared to have put everything behind him, as Harvey and Harvey had what appeared to be a loving relationship.

A new report suggests Future is returning the way he was and is apparently having an affair with the well-known Instagram model.

Let’s dive into this issue.

An insider close to Harvey claims that Future was involved. Myesha Boulton was popularly called Mya Curvz while they were in Jamaica.

According to sources, the alleged incident that is believed to have occurred between Future and Boulton is believed to have occurred during the trip.

The trip back in January 2020 was a journey with Future flying Harvey and a couple of her close acquaintances (including Myesha Boulton and Teyana Taylor) to the island resort for a romantic getaway.

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While Harvey was enjoying her birthday getaway, Future took Boulton back to her hotel to sleep with her.

Apart from one report that claims Future was involved with Boulton, The details of this story are a bit hazy.

In actual fact, Boulton bears no relation to Future or Harvey on her Instagram profile. Future has been known to cheat.

In the year 2014, Ciara got engaged to the rapper. Still, she ended the relationship after learning that he was cheating on her.

It was also believed that Future might be involved in a relationship with Larsa Pippen (who participates in many plastic surgical procedures).


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