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BMI or Body mass index is a perfect way to guess how healthy a person. Although, it is not the perfect measure of how healthy a person is, but gives a good idea if a person is as healthy as they should be. It helps us determine if a person is an overweight, underweight, or normal weight.

It is easy than ever to check BMI with new smartphone applications being introduced and lets you keep track of your performance with each day passing. BMI is calculated based on the mathematical formula, which was discovered back in the 1800s that divides body mass by the square of height. The answer to the formula gives an idea of the fat percentage in the body.

All these apps are either simply for the BMI calculations or offer some additional features as well. All you need is a stable internet connection in order to download these apps on your device. In case, you are looking for an internet connection that is reliable, do check out Spectrum, which offers top services at the most affordable rates.

Let’s check out some of the best BMI calculator apps available on Appstore for iPad or iPhones.

BMI Calculator %

The first on our list comes BMI calculator %, which is the easiest and most user-friendly app to calculate BMI instantly. All you need to know is your weight and height in U.S. units or metrics. It will give your BMI number and further tells if you are Underweight, Normal, or Overweight.

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BMI Calculator for Women and Men

The next on the list is BMI Calculator for Women and Men, which is quite similar to the app above. It gives you all the basic functions required for the calculation. All it requires as data input is your gender, weight, and height. After taking all that information, you’ll be able to see the BMI calculation along with the display of under, over, or normal weight at the top right of your screen.

It further gives you the ideal weight and height for your gender by swiping right on the screen. Additionally, you can set the units in centimeters, inches, kilograms, or pounds.

BMI Calculator – BMR Manager

You need a BMI calculator – BMR Manager app in case you are also interested in checking BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). The data required is your gender, age, weight, and height to get the calculation of both BMI and BMR. Like other apps mentioned above, it tells you about your weight.

This application also gives you nutrition data along with fitness news, which helps in figuring out the amount of calories and proteins in whatever you feel like eating.


People interested in the user interface of the app with a little extra must head toward downloading this carefully constructed app, known by the name of aktiBMI. The data you need to input is current weight, desired weight, height, gender, and birthday. It will then show your BMI calculation over a beautiful gauge display along with the interpretation of your weight condition.

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Moreover, it also shows how much under or over you are from the desired and ideal weight. With this app, you can keep a track of your weight and add additional body information for more data, and can also set different units to measure as per your preferences. 

Weight Loss Tracker – BMI

This is another app on our list that provides BMI calculations alongside some extra features. Weight Loss tracker – BMI asks for some specific details like weight, height, gender, desired weight, birthday, and gender. You can find your weight condition by tapping on the BMI on the top right of your screen. You may also find the weight levels at the bottom of your screen.

You can see all your stats perfectly summarized on a calendar, when you hit on the Weight (top left), helping you with tracking your weight regularly. This is a great application to help you track your progress on a daily basis, and further motivates you in achieving your desired goals by showing how close you actually are. It also lets you add notes, photos, and moods to customize the overall look. 

Concluding Note

All the fitness freaks out there, whether you want a basic BMI calculator to check your current condition or want an app with some added features that help you keep a track of your overall performance day by day. Above, we have mentioned apps of all types.

Are you already using any of these apps and like it? Or, are you thinking of trying one now? Let us know in the comment section, below!

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