Box Champ Floyd Mayweather Opened @Plano Fitness Center

Boxing is a hot topic, and Plano can now take on a challenge by launching Mayweather Boxing and Fitness, a California-based idea created by the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather.

According to a press release, the new location will be at the address 18484 Preston Rd. #300A, which was previously home to Dallas Martial Arts (and at the time also the Fitness HQ), and is expected to be open by the beginning of April.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness was established in the year 2018 and is based out of Los Angeles, with more than 50 locations in operation or preparing to open all over all of the U.S. In Tampa, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, etc.

It comprises the two DFW sites: The Shops of Highland Park located at 4252 Oak Lawn Ave., and Victory Park near downtown Dallas at 2401 Victory Park Ln. #170. Allen is also scheduled in 190E Stacy Rd. #1510.

Mayweather Boxing provides a high-intensity fitness program designed by the champion himself by combining group fitness and intense training. Boxing sessions consist of rounds on bags and various fitness stations, utilizing techniques created during his 21-year unbeaten boxing career. The press release describes it as an exciting fitness program that combines boxing, strength training, and intervals of cardio conditioning that are attainable to anyone of any level.

The members take part in 60 and 45-minute classes that utilize cutting-edge smart-screen technology that projects Floyd’s image throughout the class, giving you the feeling that you’re training with the undefeated boxer himself.

Classes comprise:

  • Undefeated is a fast-paced 45 minutes workout that includes six rounds of boxing and two rounds of cardio. Speed, power, and a HIIT design style create this workout a high-calorie burning session.
  • Muscular – 45-minute exercise with five rounds of boxing and three exercise sessions. The workout is a little slower pace, focusing on punching force on the bags and endurance at the stations for fitness. Also, you receive an ab blast/core at the end of the workout, after the stretching phase and cooling down.
  • Champ – 60 minutes of exercise that mixes Undefeated and Strong workouts.
  • Advanced Bagwork – an advanced 45-minute workout that includes longer boxing combos with more footwork and Floyd’s famed defensive moves.
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The Plano studio was inaugurated by local businessman Alvaro Bravo, an entrepreneur, and businessman from Mexico City who moved to the U.S. to bring Mayweather Boxing + Fitness to Plano West. The press release states that the man has always loved health and fitness and has become an accredited health coach to understand the field further.

“I’ve always believed that a workout in the box is the complete exercise you can get in,” Bravo says in an announcement. “Opening my very own Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio is not just a way for me to recover to a more healthy version of myself, but also allows me the chance to run an organization that inspires individuals to reach their full potential and to become authentic social role models for the community.”

A statement is made by the champion also:

“I’m happy to announce our latest studio opening within Plano West,” Mayweather Sysa. “Alvaro is an experienced and smart business owner whom I am thrilled to assist in taking Mayweather boxing + fitness up to the highest step within the Texas market. I’m sure the facility will soon become an established center in Plano West. Plano West community and will aid residents in getting fit and enjoy themselves in 2022 as well.”

They’ll begin their VIP intro classes on the 21st of MarchMarch 21 and include an Intro to Boxing Class, which will run Wednesday and Monday at 5:30 pm Wednesday and Tuesday between 6 and 7 pm. They’ll also be offering on Saturday at 10:30 am. The following week will include actual classes at the studio, beginning on Wednesday nights, leading to the grand opening on the 2nd of April, the 2nd of April.

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New members will be offered an exclusive member discount and a fitness essentials kit, including wraps, gloves, and a heart rate monitor.


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