The Super Simple Workout That You Can Do In 7 Minutes

This seven-minute super simple workout consists of 11 exercises that are each completed for 30 seconds with a 10-second transition between them. It can be tweaked to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level and interests.

It’s intended to be used by anyone with some basic exercise training.

Easy option: Perform one round for a fast pick-me-up, and if you need to gradually increase your fitness, slow down your movement speed and intensity.

Option for a more challenging workout: Continue for two or three rounds. Each exercise should be done with more intensity and effort.

Why The 7 Minutes Super Simple Workout Works

The key is to sequence the exercises in such a way that you work various main muscle groups (upper body, lower body, and core) each time.

This allows one main muscle group to rest while the next is worked, resulting in a super-efficient, super-effective routine that can improve your health and reduce body fat while being done in the comfort of your own home.

The routine isn’t a miracle worker, but it is a wonderful way to get a quick workout. Because high-intensity interval training isn’t meant to be done every day, take at least one day off between workouts.

Exercising for 7 minutes a few times a week won’t completely transform your body, but it’s better than doing nothing at all (duh).

You’ll probably notice some great health benefits after a few weeks, such as being able to run up the stairs without getting out of breath. It will also become simpler with practice.

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How To Use This 7-Minute Workout List

Before starting any high-intensity exercise routine, consult your doctor.

For 30 seconds, perform each of the exercises below with a high-intensity effort. Hold the stance for 30 seconds for static exercises like the wall sit and plank.

Alternate sides for 30 seconds during exercises that target two sides (such as leg exercises). After each exercise, take a 5-second break. If desired, this circuit can be repeated 2 to 3 times.

The 7-minute super simple workout includes 12 exercises that target all of the body’s main muscle groups:

  1. Jumping Rope (Total Body)
  2. Push-ups (Upper Body)
  3. Wall Sits (Lower Body)
  4. Bicycle Crunch (Lower Abs)
  5. Air Squats (Lower Body)
  6. Step Ups (Total Body)
  7. Triceps Dip (Upper Body)
  8. Walking Lunge (Lower Body)
  9. Plank (Core)
  10. Tuck Jump (Lower Body)
  11. Side Plank (Core)

You can do the 7-minute super simple workout once or repeat the entire series two or three times, depending on how much time you have.

7 Minutes Super Simple Workout

# 1 Jumping Rope – 30 Seconds

Jumping Rope | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Start your 7-minute super simple workout by jumping rope for 30 seconds (or jumping jacks if you don’t have a jump rope).

# 2 Push-Up – 30 Seconds

Push-Up | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Push-ups for 30 seconds are next.

To make it easier or harder, change your stance.

To make it easier, do push-ups from your knees if you’re just getting started.

If you’re a more advanced lifter, try declining push-ups to increase the intensity.

# 3 Wall Sit – 30 Seconds

Wall Sit | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Image Source: 8fit

Slide down a wall (using an exercise ball if you have one) until your knees are at ninety degrees for your 30-second interval of wall sits.

The bottoms of your feet should be directly underneath your knees.

Then, as long as you can, take the position. If 30 seconds is too difficult, move up the wall a few inches to reduce the effort.

If it becomes too easy, lift one leg off the floor and switch legs midway through.

# 4 Bicycle Crunch – 30 Seconds

Bicycle Crunch | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

The abs and obliques are worked with the bicycle crunch.

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A study conducted at San Diego State University in 2001 compared thirteen common abdominal exercises to see which one was the best.

Each exercise was rated for muscle stimulation in the rectus abdominis, external obliques, and internal obliques (as measured by EMG).

The captain’s chair came in second, followed by the bicycle crunch.

# 5 Air Squat – 30 Seconds

Air Squat | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Do 30 seconds of deep air squats after that.

The goal is to lower yourself to the point where your legs are parallel to the ground (or even lower, if your mobility allows it).

Maintain a straight back and a butt back by keeping your arms out in front of you. 30 seconds of lowering and raising.

Begin slowly to ensure that you have the correct form. You can increase the speed of your squats as you improve your form.

# 6 Step-Up – 30 Seconds

Step-Up | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Staircase up and down for the next round of 30 seconds using a step, a bench, or a sturdy chair.

If it’s getting too easy, add hand weights, increase the size of the step, or pick up the pace.

# 7 Triceps Dip – 30 Seconds

Triceps Dip | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Perform as many triceps dips as you can for 30 seconds using a sturdy chair, bench, or another object.

Keep your feet on the floor to make it easier; raise your feet to make it harder.

# 8 Walking Lunge – 30 Seconds

Walking Lunge | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

For 30 seconds, do a walking lunge.

You can either take a few steps forward and then return, or you can keep the same pace and lunge out and back to your starting position, alternating sides.

# 9 Plank – 30 Seconds

Plank | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Hold a front plank stance for 30 seconds as shown in the picture.

If this is too easy, alternate lifting one leg, and if it’s too difficult, hold the position with your hands rather than your elbows to make it easier.

# 10 Tuck Jump – 30 Seconds

Depending on your fitness level, you can do a complete tuck jump (with your knees in the air) or just a simple squat jump.

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Jump only as high as you feel comfortable landing the jump—it could be a few feet or just a few inches—the goal is to get some air between your feet and the ground.

# 11 Side Plank (Each Side) – 30 Seconds

Side Plank | 7-Minute The Super Simple Workout

Finish with a 30-second side plank to put the routine to a close. Make sure you finish both sides.

Keep the hips stacked on top of one another to keep the body stable.

Drop down to your forearm if maintaining proper alignment in full-side plank is too difficult.

You can also reduce the difficulty by bending your bottom leg and resting your knee on the group.

When you don’t have a lot of time or space, this is a great way to get a fast workout. If you want a longer workout, add more rounds, or take it easy and turn this routine into a warm-up. As your fitness level increases, adjust your intensity, pace, and effort.


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