7 TikTok Ab Workout Challenges For Abs Like Rock!

When you think you’ve exhausted all the exciting ab workouts, the TikToker always has an exciting new workout. In reality, the hashtag #abchallenge — with nearly 500 million views appears to be updated with the same routine each minute.

This is the most appealing aspect of TikTok ab fitness challenges, according to Alayna Curry, an AFAA certified fitness instructor. They’re not just numerous, but they’re an ideal way to mix your routine by trying out different exercises; you’ll probably be exercising new muscles, which will result in increased endurance. The social aspect isn’t bad too, either. “People love to sing along with the creator to showcase their talents,” Curry tells Bustle. Another benefit? If you’re not a fan of the core job, You might find yourself motivated to go for it when you realize that thousands of people are crunching and plodding along with you.

The biggest issue is how brief TikTok challenges are, typically about a minute or less or containing only one or two movements (though it’s true that once you feel the burn, this could prove an enormous benefit). Curry suggests repeating an exercise five times to transform the ab workout into a more vigorous exercise. It would help if you aimed to keep it going for around five minutes. Return to it at least three times per week (Curry believes that core work is all about being consistent), and you’ll begin feeling the benefits of having a more powerful core. Here are seven fun and effective ab-building exercises on TikTok to help you get going.

#1 “Level Up” Challenge

With more than 200,000 followers, the “Level up” challenge has attracted people to work out the ab-strengthening workout. Each exercise targets the obliques, especially when you throw in the medicine ball to the mix for an ab-training that targets the muscles you use to support and stabilize your core, according to Personal instructor Ellen Dyverfeldt. TikTok users @amanda_afit suggest doing 15 repetitions of each workout for four sets and 1 minute to rest between sets.

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#2 Abs Of Steel Challenge

This challenge by @briannajoye_fitness could only last one minute; however, it discovers a way to exercise the entire core. It’s the Pilates crunches and then the plank dips and mountain climbers and, just after you think you’re over the second cycle of plank up-downs, or scissor crunches.

“Planks are among the best exercises to work your entire core, and there are many ways to do them,” says Curry. “Plank dips place more emphasis on the obliques. Plank up-downs require strength and strength in the lower and upper abs to lift and lower yourself in a controlled manner.”

#3 “Up” Challenge

The “Up” exercise, shown on this page by @konnectwithkaye, is challenging because you’re expected to hold your feet elevated all the time; that’s a lot harder than it appears. This means that your core muscles are engaged as you go through an entire set of knee-ins, leg dips, and elbow-to-knee crunches (whew). Try this exercise with a partner to cheer one another on, as you will get a bit.

#4 100 Rep Challenge

To get a basic but demanding ab workout Try this week-long workout by @cieralaurenj. @cieralaurenj, who recommends performing 100 repetitions of one exercise every day. (Brace you for Wednesday!) If you’re looking to get moving on the weekend, think about plank Jacks. “Many TikTok challenges include plank Jacks which are a version on the floor of jumping jacks,” Curry says. “These strengthen your abs and provide the cardio boost.”

#5 Bicycle Challenge

Listen to the music of Spice girls, and Doja Cat guide you through this workout from The Hartesisters. It focuses a lot on cycling crunches, which strengthen your abs from every angle, Dyverfeldt tells Bustle. This is also an ab-training exercise that is easy to modify to make it more challenging or more advanceable according to your fitness level by adjusting the number of reps you complete and the level at which the legs are lifted above the floor.

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#6 “Cha Cha Slide” Challenge

This video from @fitqueens.nation shows you how to match your routine to”Cha Cha Slide. “Cha Cha Slide.” This exercise will target your obliques and the lower abdominals — two muscles that are notoriously difficult-to-access areas due in part to the criss-cross crunch.

#7 Pull-Up Bar Challenge

If you have an exercise bar with a pull-up feature, it is possible to test this core exercise hanging by TikTok the user @cynthia.fitness. You’ll first lift your right leg, then your left, and kick both legs to “walk the course” while performing a pull-up. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can to illuminate your abdominal wall.


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