4-Min Tabata Dumbbell Tricep Workout: Get Toned Arms Fast!

What’s up, FitGAG readers! Today, we will perform a triceps workout with dumbbells using a Tabata-based training method.

Tabata is a kind that involves high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that helps you burn more calories and burn more fat and increase your muscle mass. Let’s build gains together!

Total Length: 4 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: Dumbbells

Experience Level


Perform the exercise video below four times. Then, rest at the end of each workout duration of 2 minutes 15 secs.


Perform the exercise video five times and then stop between each one for 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Perform the exercise video 5 times, then rest for 45 seconds.

Begin by finding your preferred spot in a space that is open. Complete each exercise for 20 seconds at high intensity, followed by a rest period of 10 seconds, and then move on to the next one.

Perform all exercises using a circular format. Since there are four exercises in this circuit, you’ll have to finish each of them, return to the initial exercise, and repeat the exercises in the same sequence following the 2010 period.

A total of two rounds for the four exercises will count as one complete circuit. If you require breaks, make sure you take one! Every time you complete this circuit, aim to perform more reps, increase the weight, or take fewer breaks.

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4-Minutes Tabata Dumbbell Triceps Workout

#1 Close Grip Skull Crusher


  • Lay on your back, with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Place the dumbbells on your head with your palms facing the future and work your core.


  1. While your elbows are stable, gradually pivot your elbows to bring dumbbells to your forehead.
  2. Engage your triceps muscles to extend your arms back to an upright position when you reach the highest point.
  3. Repeat!

#2 Tate Closed Press


  • Lay on your back, with your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  • Take one of the dumbbells’ handles, and then place them horizontally on your chest, with your palms in a different direction from your body. Your elbows should extend toward the sides.


  1. Engage your triceps muscles to push the dumbbells up while straightening your arm.
  2. Squeeze your triceps muscles hard at the top, then return to the beginning position.
  3. Repeat!

#3 Triple Threat Kickbacks


  • Take a pair of dumbbells, with your palms facing toward the back.
  • Consider a standing position with your feet approximately an inch apart.
  • Maintaining your spine straight. Bend at your mid-section until the back of your body is in line with the floor.
  • Make sure you bring the dumbbells closer to the chest. Your arms should be bent so that your elbow is at a 90-degree angle to your forearm.


  1. While your elbows are fixed, and your triceps contracted, push the dumbbells back till your arms extend fully.
  2. Press your triceps towards the top of the rep. Then stop for a few seconds and slowly return to your starting position.
  3. After that, perform this movement, but move the dumbbells further towards your own body.
  4. Then, repeat the motion three times and extend the dumbbells further away from your human body (think about it in terms of 3 different elbow angles, such as straight back or diagonally, then toward the side).
  5. Repeat the kickbacks in this trio!
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#4 Palms Forward Overhead Extension


  • Take a standing posture with your feet approximately shoulders apart.
  • Grab each dumbbell with the shaft, and ensure your palms face toward the front.


  1. While keeping your elbows folded in and your arms tucked towards your face, gradually decrease the burden until the forearms and elbows are at 90 degrees.
  2. Contract your triceps to push the dumbbells up in a controlled manner until they return to their starting position.
  3. Repeat!


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