Build a Stronger Back in Just 5-Minutes with Barbell Workout

It’s time to get up, FitGAG readers! We are working out together today. We’re going to do a 5-minute back workout with the barbell.

Total Length: 5 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: Barbell

Experience Level


Perform this exercise three times. After each workout, take a break for three minutes and then return to the beginning.


Perform this workout four times. After each workout, take 2 minutes to rest and then return to the routine.


Perform this workout four times. After each workout, take a minute to rest and then return to the routine.

5-Minutes Barbell Back Workout

Find a place in an open area that is comfortable to start. Each of the exercises below should be completed in 60 seconds. Then, you can move on to the next one without stopping. Take a break if you feel the need.

Try to increase the number of reps or take fewer breaks each time you complete this circuit.

#1 Landmine Upright Row


  • Place the barbell in a Landmine attachment, corner, or any other way you can secure the barbell’s end on the ground in front.
  • Place your hands on the top of the barbell, with your hands under it.


  1. To row the barbell up, contract your upper back. To avoid straining your biceps, keep your elbows back.
  2. Press your back towards the top and return to the original position.
  3. Repeat!

#2 1-Arm Landmine Row


  • Secure the barbell in a landmine position.
  • Bend your back so that your back is parallel to the ground, and then grab the barbell with one hand.


  1. Pull your elbow back, and pull your lat upwards.
  2. After thirty seconds, return to the original position and switch arms!

#3 Front Shrug


  • Stand in a stable position.
  • Hold the barbell in your hands, shoulder-width apart, and with your palms facing you.


  1. To shrug the barbell upwards, contract your traps.
  2. Press your traps at the top to return to the starting point.
  3. Repeat!

#4 Underhand Row


  • Assume an upright standing position.
  • Hold the barbell in your underhand with your hands just below your knees.
  • Keep your abs tight and your back straight, then hinge your hips forwards to almost parallel your back to the ground. Keep your eyes focused a few feet ahead of you with your straight arms.


  1. Keep your elbows tucked and drive your elbows backward to raise the barbell towards your belly button.
  2. Press your lats towards the top. Afterward, take a few seconds to pause and slowly return to the starting position.
  3. Keep your core and your back tight, and then repeat the process!

#5 Good Morning


  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • As if you were performing a traditional squat, place the barbell on your stomach.


  1. Tighten your core until your back is almost parallel to the ground. The tension should be felt in the lower back.
  2. Take a brief pause and slowly return to the original position.
  3. Repeat!


  • Todd Miller

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