Josh Bridges Workout: Train Like a Navy SEAL!

Incorporate these Josh Bridges Workouts into your training.

Josh Bridges is a CrossFit athlete and has been a winner of three Regionals and holds a record-setting moment of a second-place finish at The 2011 CrossFit Games.

He is known for his charming humor, extraordinary fitness, trojan-like work ethic, and remarkable mental strength. Josh is a gifted athlete who has mastered training and recovery in a manner that has led him to be an elite CrossFit athlete for years.

Being an experienced athlete, he is a perfect example of why working, in the long run, is essential and provides an obvious example of how training, attitude, and commitment to fitness can allow anyone to reach their maximum potential.

The first section of this article offers eight tips of Josh Bridges, followed by some of his exercises. We hope they can assist you.

Josh’s optimistic and dedicated mindset is the main reason for his success. His way of simplifying the task ahead of him could be helpful to incorporate into your training routines:

Don’t Overthink A Workout.

“It’s just a workout, guy, so go out and get it done. If you must put the barbell down to rest for a second, take it off and get it back up. I believe that overthinking could cause you to get caught up in some negative situations .”

Do Not Leave The Way

If you exercise and have to rest for a moment during a WOD, be sure to stay in the same spot. Keep your eyes fixed on the item you’re working on. When you’re prepared, you can attack it over again.

“I don’t ever leave. I’m not going to stop and leave the work I’m doing. It’s kind of a defeatist posture. It’s as if that barbell beat me, and I’m never going let weight or barbell defeat me. .”

Be Able To Make Those Challenging Differences

Make tough decisions to make it a habit.

“I could choose to do this, which is simpler or opt for the way to do more difficult things. When you begin to make the same hard choices repeatedly, it ceases to be a choice, and it becomes a habit. Making one more rep and going that extra mile, or adding some weight eventually become part of the person you are. .”

“Once you begin making the difficult choice, you’ll begin to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable and enjoy the activity. You’ll also be an improved athlete .”

Small Goals Are Equal To Big Goals

Break Reps

If you’re faced with a vast number of repetitions to finish, take the time to break your exercise into smaller, easily manageable pieces. It will also help you mentally in making it a more manageable task.

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“If I’m presented with 30 minutes, I’m going to do five, then take a look at how I feel. Then I’m going to take five more. Then, 5 more. When I reach 15, it may be starting to hurt, so I alter my goal to 3 and then 3 more, and then on. Then I’m at the 25th mark, and there’s just one more, and you’re able to always take another .”

It’s Never Hurt To Go More Quickly

“A friend of mine once said to me that it’s not bad to go a bit faster. He was right.”

Remember this in your mind while you work out. Do you think you can increase your speed just a bit in more extended endurance-based exercises? Do you have the ability to speed up a little during that long set of burpees or box jumps? Consider improving your speed infractions, contributing to more efficient overall performance.

Implement Strongman Exercises And Continually Experiment Yourself With New Objects

Josh incorporates an unusually shaped object and/or exercises based on a strongman like tire flips, atlas, or D ball cleans stones into his routine each day. This is an excellent method to increase his muscles in new ways.

Be sure to mix it between different exercises and get away from your barbell time to assess how you can adapt and master new techniques. This keeps your body in a state of constant surprise and allows you to reveal weaknesses that are not obvious as well.

Examine Your Performance

“Not every day will feel like you’ve crushed it. It’s part of the process. .”

As an elite Crossfitter, Josh can often complete up to six exercises in one day. He ensures that regardless of whether a WOD succeeds or fails, He will go through his performance to draw any conclusion that he has to draw and gain knowledge from each. The same is true for your personal training. After you’ve completed your workout, take a moment and ask yourself these questions Josh employs:

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Okay, I completed this workout, and I felt great. What can I take away from this experience?

What could I have done to push a bit harder?

What should I have done to back off?

What other strategies or methods could have performed better?

“I analyze these issues so that I can be better ready for when I next practice this exercise or sequence and can figure out ways to improve it.”

Take Every Day And Train One Per Day

Maintain your long-term goals in the back of your mind, but keep concentrating on the present.

“If you are thinking too often about what you accomplished yesterday or what you need to do today, then you may regress in specific parts of your training or reduce your pace. In competition, it’s impossible to do that, so I try to train with complete concentration on what’s ahead of me .”

“I determine the best way to tackle it and how I’m going tackle it, and then take action.”

Always Pay The Man!

Josh Bridges frequently uses “pay to the guy,” which epitomizes his apathetic work ethic and positive attitude. To get your desired results, you have to work hard.

Make this a part of your head when you exercise. Every step, rep exercise, or every moment of pain will bring you one step closer to your goal. Success isn’t yours to own. It’s leased. The rent is due each day so make sure to pay him every day.

“When that 3-2-1 is counted down, and the exercise begins, I’m sure that I’ll take the steps I’m required to do.”

Workouts With Josh Bridges

Don’t forget to tip the guy…

1. Couplet – Josh Bridges Workouts

5 Rounds:

  • 10 clean thrusters for squats and clean squats
  • 10 pull-ups with a strict towel

2. A Workout To Remember The Day The Son Who He Brought Was Born

20 minutes amrap

  • 6 man makers 55lb# db
  • 7 box step-ups in a box hold the dumbbells

(and don a 20lb vest!)

3. Double Amrap Word

10 minutes Amrap

  • 5 Strict Pull-Ups
  • 5 Shoulder Press
  • 5 Ring Dips

Take a break for 2 minutes and then:

10 Minute Amrap

  • 10 Pull Up (Kipping/Butterfly/Assisted)
  • 5 Push Press
  • 5 Ring Dips

Make sure to use the same weight for every form of presses exercise.

4.Functional Pump Josh Bridges Workouts

21-15-9 of:

  • Strict HSPU
  • Ring Dips
  • Push-Ups

You could also do this without competing with others to win time. Concentrate on the quality of your workout, and then slow the reps down. This will make the workout focus on building strength. You can try a 2-2 rep rate to concentrate on improving proprioception as well as great motion patterns.

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5.Descending Rep Word

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps

  • Deadlift 125#
  • Dumbbell bench 100#
  • Cleanses using 150# ball

6.Conditioning A Workout

42-30-18 Ski Cal / Wall Ball 30#

Do this exercise and then take a break for 10 mins before starting the upper body workout :

7.The Arm Word Josh Road Workouts

The workout is genuinely a bodybuilding type exercise. You should not take more than 30 seconds in between sets.

  • A Superset Incline, DB curl bench dips (15 12, 10,)
  • Superset Cable tricep pushdown along with cable hammer curl (15 12, 10,)
  • Bicep preacher curls 15, 12, 10,
  • Chin-ups are a must. Perform 30 reps in as few sets as is possible
  • 30 rings dip in as little sets as are possible

8.Aerobic Workout

Josh performs a single aerobic workout every day but suggests having one workout per week, preferably two if possible. This WOD is to be solely rowing, running, or swimming.

Exercise For Running Intervals By Josh Bridges

Here’s an example of aerobic exercises. Try it.

  • 4 x 400m at 1.20 pace, with a one minute break between each lap
  • Rest for 3 minutes
  • 4 x 200 meters at 35 seconds pace, with a one minute break between each sprint
  • Rest for 3 minutes
  • 3 x 100m sprints at a speed of 20 seconds with a 30-second rest between each sprint

“With your running, you’re usually giving yourself more time to rest, so you’ll be able to keep the perfect technique and focus on your breathing and form.”

Now is the time to put the theory into action! Use these workouts, exercises, and tips to move through your day with confidence and strength. Make plans for the future of your fitness now.


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