5-Minutes Trap Workout At Home: Build Strong Traps

FitGAG readers, what’s up! Today, we’re going to tackle an intense trap workout of 5 minutes, all from the comfort of our homes. This is among the most effective trap exercises you can perform to strengthen the muscles in your trapezius using just your body weight. No equipment required!

The best thing about it is that you can do it in the convenience of your own at home! This workout can be used to finish it off or do it many times for an entire killer trap exercise. Here’s how you can build big traps quickly!

Let’s make gains together! FitGAG readers, No limits!

Total Length: 5 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: No equipment required

Experience Level


Perform this workout three times. After each workout, rest for three minutes and then do it again.


Perform this workout four times. Recover after each workout for two minutes, and then repeat.


Perform this workout four times. Recover after each workout for one minute, and then repeat.

5-Minutes Trap Workout At Home

Do each exercise for 60 seconds, then switch to the next one without taking a break. If you require breaks, make sure you take them! Each time you perform this exercise, you should perform more reps or take fewer breaks.

When you can do this trap workout without rest breaks to complete the desired number of sets, you can increase the total quantity by increasing the time for each exercise or switching it up completely by performing various trap exercises using the same progressing methods!

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#1 Upright Prayer Rows


  • Take a stable standing position.
  • Hold your hands in a prayer-like pattern as difficult as possible, and ensure that your elbows are above your wrists.


  1. It is Squirm upwards as you squeeze your traps towards the top of each repetition.
  2. Repeat!

#2 Pull Back Shrugs


  • Consider a solid standing position.
  • Place fingers behind you and pull them apart as strongly as possible.


  1. It is Keep your head still, slur towards the sky, and then squeeze your traps towards the top of each rep.
  2. Repeat!

#3 Take-Offs


  • Consider a solid standing position.
  • Straighten your arms outwards to the sides while keeping your palms facing towards the outside.


  1. Bring your arms above your head and then shrug your shoulders upwards.
  2. Reverse to the starting point and repeat!

#4 Floppy Divers


  • Place your body on your stomach and lie on the floor.
  • Spread your arms to the maximum extent you can towards the sky by putting your hands together with your palms facing downwards.


  1. Lift your chest up off the ground and raise your arms up and down, ensuring constant pressure on the traps.
  2. Repeat this upward and downward motion!

#5 Leg Shrugs


  • Place your body on your back and keep the knees bent to a 90 ° angle.


  1. Begin by grabbing your legs’ backs and then shrug your shoulders to move them closer.
  2. You should push your legs as you shrug to generate the resistance you want to create.
  3. Repeat!
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