Chloe Ting Workouts for a Stronger and Healthier Body

Chloe Ting is a well-known and furious fitness YouTuber who has recently captured the eye of millions with her exercises in the lockdown.

Chloe Ting provides her customers with free fitness plans that include routine schedules with videos and healthy diet recommendations.

What are the Chloe Ting Workout programs all about, and how can they help you?

Let’s have a look at it.

Who Is Chloe Ting?

Chloe Ting Workout Review

Ting is a 30-something fitness trainer in Australia.

She was a YouTuber in the year 2011.

She joined YouTube in 2011 but did not begin to gain traction until she started posting her workouts in her workouts on (what other than) TikTok and increasing the number of users began taking on the “challenges.”

The tasks are typically divided into one or two-week periods and are expected to yield impressive results.

Ting currently has more than 21 million users on YouTube.

The most-watched YouTube channels have between 25 and 152 million users that should give you an idea of what popular Ting’s workouts are and the series.

The most shocking thing is that within a matter of two years, Ting went from 10 million subscribers.

It went from 10 million to 14.5 million. It’s no surprise that people are searching for Chloe Ting’s routines more frequently in the present, probably for the same reasons that I did.

It is crucial to remember that Ting isn’t an official fitness instructor for professional certification.

It’s recommended that you seek advice from an authorized professional to address your individual fitness needs, especially if you’ve got an injury.

Chloe Ting Workout Routine

Chloe Ting Workout Plan

What exactly is the Chloe Ting 2-Week Shred Workout program, and how can it benefit you?

Chloe Ting is a famous and raging fitness YouTuber who recently caught the attention of millions through her workouts in the lockdown.

With her easy and simple-to-follow workouts, she quickly became an icon of home-based exercises.

Her YouTube channel contains various workout videos that anyone can exercise at home.

There are also many healthy recipes and other recipes for those who want to make a change in their lifestyle in the lockdown phase.

Chloe Ting offers free of free workout programs for her subscribers, including routine schedules with videos and healthy meal ideas.

While she has several programs on the internet, including summer shreds and hourglass programs, she’s at the forefront of the fitness world by launching the Chloe Ting Two-Week Workout Program available on YouTube for no cost.

In the article, we’ll examine whether this Chloe Ting 2-Week Shred Workout plan is worth the effort or if it’s just an exercise routine with numerous loopholes.

What Is The Chloe Ting Two Weeks Shred Challenge?

Chloe Ting Workout Results

In the 14-day challenge, it’s common to have two or four workout videos every day, with each one available on YouTube.

The videos can be broken in half and finished throughout the day; however, Ting suggests doing it all in one sitting if competent.

The average duration of daily workouts ranges from 25 to 50 minutes.

And of fourteen days, there are two scheduled day-offs.

Certain days may also have optional videos in case you want the challenge.

Ting has published the entire “Two Weeks Shred schedule on her website, so it’s a breeze to follow the schedule.

Some people have expressed their opinions on the intensity of Ting’s workouts.

As someone who loves intense exercise, I was excited to test her fitness to the test.

The workouts consist of a mix of strength and cardio with your body weight as a means of resistance, which means there’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars on fitness equipment to be able to participate.

I’m very impressed that Ting’s workouts are totally free and open to all.

The only thing you’ll require is space and a mat for your workout on hard floors.

One of the first videos included in the program is a 10-minute abs exercise, which seems like it could be easy to do; however, the movements are supersets, so there’s not much rest time, and it really torments my right thigh in a very short amount of time.

The 30-minute body-weight workout videos allow me to have some breathing room.

Extremely difficult exercises such as burpees and plank jacks are followed by less challenging exercises like high knees or star jumps, which means I do not feel overwhelmed.

But, I only have 10 seconds between workouts, which means my heart rate is always in the burning zone.

I appreciate that the videos break into smaller pieces that are less than a full 50 minutes class, which means I can effortlessly incorporate them into my day.

Certain videos are repeated over different days, so they’re monotonous.

The Chloe Ting 2-Week Workout Program Review

Chloe Ting Workout Free

The ChloeTing 2-Week Shred Workouts is an exercise schedule designed with multiple levels of difficulty in mind.

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In the beginning, the exercise plan is easy.

As you progress, the intensity of your workout gradually ramps up.

The first day includes the two videos (30 minutes in total), and the third 3rd, 4th and sixth days are one video of 10 minutes.

Seventh-day: reserved for active relaxation.

The remaining sessions include optional exercises if you want to expand the routine.


Chloe Ting Workout Routine
Free Of Cost

The benefits of Chloe’s 2-Week Shred Workout are evident by it.

There is no need to spend any money to master the tricks and exercises, and the results show.


Another advantage of this program can be that it’s prompted numerous people to get into shape for the epidemic.

The people have developed solid habits and live with an enlightened mind.

Many of her subscribers share their workouts with the rest of the world and encourage others to take part.

Chloe Ting has made a community with her workouts, and we can see the appeal of no-cost home-based, easy to use, and no equipment workouts have inspired many.

Easy To Follow

The program and sessions are designed so that they can be easily followed.

The videos are also practical as they aren’t lengthy, so viewers can break the session into their schedule to accommodate their schedule.

In each of her videos, Chloe highlights low-impact lifestyle changes and how they can be applied to everyday life.

Be sure to look through additional articles on exercise.

Short Sessions

With Chloe’s Ting’s 2-Week shred Workout, there’s no excuse for not getting enough exercise!

Her program contains a variety of videos.

Each one lasts only 10 minutes.

It is easy for anyone to incorporate the program into their daily routine regardless of their location.

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The program is well-designed. It comprises the 21 exercises (30 seconds on) and back-to-back 2 exercises ( 10-seconds off).

The workouts follow the exact pattern lasting 10 minutes.

In the videos in which she is featured, Chloe will also give you a preview of her upcoming exercises so that you can anticipate what you’ll be doing next during the break.

No Equipment Needed

If you don’t have any exercise equipment in your home, there’s no need to worry.

All you need for Chloe’s workout is an exercise mat to perform all ab exercises.


Suppose you’re trying to improve your abdominal region and achieve those amazing abs.

In that case, there are four muscles you should focus on.

With the Chloe Ting 2-Week Workout, you will benefit from various exercises to make sure you keep your muscles working.

Chloe exercises in all important areas while keeping the workouts unique and unique.

Through her method, you don’t have to do an exercise once.


Consistency is among the most important aspects of losing weight or getting into shape.

The concept behind the “two-week” program is a great way to achieve this “two-week” program that is guaranteed to keep you in the right direction.

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Timer Countdown

If you’re an energy-sucker who always wants to give up on your workout, understanding the duration of each exercise is crucial.

There is a countdown timer in the upper right-hand corner of every video to let you know when you’ve got to do the particular exercise.

To make things easier, each Chloe’s 2-week Shred Workout has the 5-second buzzer that lets you know that you have only five seconds left, and you’ll be able to do it if you stay focused for a little bit longer.

Chloe Is Right There To Guide And Workout With You

Because her online videos feature workout sessions, she’s present with you as you perform the exercises.

You can see that she’s struggling to finish the entire process.

This gesture is sufficient to provide hope and inspiration for anyone.

Everyone appreciates a coach or fitness enthusiast who can do the exercises together and motivate them to reach the correct shape and figure when required.

Best For All Fitness Levels

Another benefit of Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred Workout program is suitable for everyone in the age category.

You can participate in the workouts with your family and friends despite having an entirely different fitness level.

Chloe offers a variety and modification to her routines which means you can select moderate or high-impact according to your preferences.

Informative, Engaging, And Effective

The entire series of videos from the 2-week shred program is a perfect blend of interesting and attractive.

The workouts are a combination of Pilates and HIIT.

This allows anyone to exercise even if they reside in a cramped space and don’t have any advanced fitness equipment to support joints.

A Complete Package

All the movements that Chloe exhibits in her workouts were done by fitness trainers before.

But the distinction is that she has put them together in a manageable and digestible format for her audience.

This approach helps people adhere to a program and obtain quick, substantial outcomes.

She is quick and clear in explaining the proper form for each new set and the low-impact modifications to more difficult exercises.

The exercises may be a bit difficult for those new to the sport.

However, they’re not difficult to master.

If you’re willing to push yourself to the limit to reach the fitness you desire, then the Chloe Ting 2-Week Shred Workout Program Is The Only One To Look For.


Chloe Ting Workout Program
Too Many Planks

The only problem with the workout routine for certain viewers is the sheer number of planks Chloe insists on you to complete.

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The same moves are repeated in the videos, and it is possible to be tired of doing one routine over and over.

Lack Of Form

Many people have expressed their displeasure at the absence of guidance, specifically the format.

They say Chloe Ting is not a trained trainer, and she has no qualifications or affiliations with this fitness sector.

But, when she jumps onto the fitness scene with Chloe isn’t aware that any exercise program with an improper form could affect their shoulders and back, causing injuries.

In the event of such an incident is to slow down your pace.

Chloe’s 2-week shred workout provides quick and effective outcomes, so it is important to master the correct form before speeding up and increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Not Challenging

A disadvantage of Chloe’s 2 Week Shred workout is that it’s not enough challenging and is primarily suited to those who want to start getting into shape and get immediate outcomes.

The trainer sets guidelines that are not particularly challenging for active ones since the exercises are on the same scale.

Once your body is adjusted to the program, you will get easier, and you could not get the results you expect to see as per your goals.


If you’re just beginning to understand the basics of fitness speed, the fast-paced exercises may be quite intimidating.

The breaks she offers between each move are very short, but you can stop the video whenever you need to.


Four videos per day can be an issue for many and may seem excessive for advanced-level viewers.

It’s possible to make daily two videos if it feels too much.


Don’t expect miracles to occur.

In two weeks or less, you will discover how to utilize your workout routine and diet plan to get a six-pack absit is not possible.

Chloe makes her headlines mostly to promote clickbait.

Though she’s quite open about the issue and even has a deed that states that it’s only to help with SEO, it can be in the eyes of most viewers.

If her exercises are done correctly and consistently, you’ll get substantial results as well as a well-toned body.

Chloe Ting Abs Training

The Chloe Ting abs routine comprises 21 exercises that are performed in supersets of two exercises that go back to return for 30 seconds with a 10-second break between.

If you’d like to read the exercises before getting to work, here are all 21 exercises:

Clap Your Legs

To perform this workout, you’ll begin with lying on your back, keeping your lower back pressing into the floor.

Beginning with your legs to the ceiling and your thighs in a slack position as you lower your legs until they’re about a few inches off the floor.

Then, return them to their starting position.

After that, push your torso toward your legs and then clasp your hands behind your legs.


Reverse Crunch

To perform reverse crunches, lay on your back and place your legs in the tabletop position.

Engage your core, and breathe into your chest to raise your hips off the floor.

Then, lift your legs upwards over your chest.

Breathe in while you lower yourself back to the position you started from.

It’s a single repetition.

10 seconds of rest

Spiderman Plank 

Beginning in a plank, take one knee toward your side until it touches the elbow on the opposite side.

Return it back to the original position.

Repeat the opposite side.

Mountain Climbers With A Crossbody 

Also called mountain climbers with X.

Starting from a plank position, then bend your knee beneath your body, and then tap your elbow to the opposite side.

You should move as fast as you can when you shift between sides.

10 seconds of rest

Russian Twist

To perform the Russian twist, lie in a V-hold posture, sitting in your chair bones and leaning slightly back to work your core.

Turn your body from between sides, almost tapping your hands with your clasped hands on the sides of your body at each turn.

Ting remains on the floor during this movement, but you can lift your legs to increase the intensity of the workout.

Out And In

To make an inside-and-out crunch sit up in a V-position, with your arms behind your back and your hands flat on the ground.

When you stretch your legs straight out and lean back, your torso will be slanted.

When you pull your knees back to your chest, pull them back into.

To make it harder, raise your hands off the floor.

10 seconds of rest

Hip Dips With A Plank 

The plank position is to assume the posture on the forearms.

When you’re in the plank pose, and you’re in the plank position, lower your right hip to the floor and then drop the left hip.

Continue to dip to the opposite side for the entire 30 minutes.

Plank Jacks

From an upright position, you can jump both legs towards the sides of your mat.

Then, jump them back in so that you’re back to the starting position.

Continue to jump your legs out and in for the entire 30 seconds.

10 seconds of rest

100s from the V position, your legs lifted above the floors and bent knees, you can hold the pose by activating your core, and then pump your arms upwards and downwards.


To complete a crunch, lie on your back, with the knees bent and feet lying flat on the ground.

Work your core muscles, placing your hands on your head.

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Intensify your abs and then lift your body from the ground.

Then slowly lower it back.

It’s just one rep.

10 seconds of rest

Planks Up And Down 

Begin in a plank, with your palms on the floor and your arms straight.

Then bend your left arm, bend your right elbow, lower yourself into a forearm squat, and reverse the motion until you’re back to the starting position.


After the planks go up and down, you can go into a normal plank, putting your weight on your elbows and sucking your belly button for a firm core.


Try to keep an unbroken line that runs from the crown of your head down to your heels.

10 seconds of rest


for this exercise, lay on your back, with your legs bent with your feet flat on the floor.

The abdominal muscles are pulled in tight while you move between your sides, rubbing your ankle every time.

Bicycle Crunches 

To perform an exercise on a bike, lay on the floor, with your spine flat to the floor.

Put your hands on your head, and lift your shoulders above the ground.

Bend your knees and pull your legs off the ground.

The right knee should be brought towards your chest, as the left leg.

When your right knee is coming upwards, turn your body until the left elbow of your knee on the left.

Repeat on the opposite side and ensure that your shoulders and legs remain elevated from the ground throughout the entire workout.

10 seconds of rest

Reverse Leg Extension Crunch

To do a reverse crunch, lay on your back and bring your legs to the ceiling.

Engage your core, and breathe in to lift your legs off the floor and then the legs back over your chest.

Breathe as you lower your body back to the starting position, straighten your legs, extend them out, and lower towards the ground.

This is one rep.

Straight Leg Crunching 

lying on the back, with your legs reaching the ceiling, squat upwards with your arms extended as if you’re trying to grasp your toes.

Keep bouncing upwards for a full 30 seconds.

10 seconds of rest

Planks Up And Down

Return to this great exercise!

Repeat the planks up and down for 30 seconds before you’re done!

11 Beginner-Friendly Chloe Ting Workouts To Try For A Quick Sweat

Quick Arms

This workout for burning off your arms takes only 10 minutes in length, which is great when you’ve only got some time before you start the WFH grind.

The exercises are easy to follow and stimulate your blood flow.

Upper Body Push

Build strength in your upper body by using Ting’s beginner-friendly upper-body workout session.

The program will take the participant through all sorts of exercises from planks inverted and pushing-ups (from the knees!) to work your muscles for only a few minutes.


This session of 15 minutes is perfect for those who are new to HIIT.

It will get you moving in some Plyometric movements;

However, don’t worry about it.

Ting can modify the workout, which is suitable for any fitness level.

Full-Body Burn

During this complete-body exercise, don’t allow mountain climbers or burpees to put you off.

It gives you just enough breaks to take a breather and take a breather.

Head-To-Toe Warm-Up

It doesn’t matter if you use this 6-minute warm-up before a workout or use it to increase your blood flow.

It’s an easy and efficient way to incorporate activity into your daily routine.

Stand-Up Abs

You can get a great core workout in just 10 minutes with Ting’s abs sesh.

The entire exercise is performed while standing and will target every muscle in your trunk.

A Quick Cool-Down

The restorative exercises in this easy 10-minute class consist of yoga poses, and full body stretches to relax your muscles.

It’s perfect to use on a recuperation day or after a long day at the workstation.

Quick Glute Burn

In less than 10-minutes, this workout that targets the glutes will have you doing donkey kicks, hip circles, and other exercises that will burn your belly to get a sweaty workout.

Apartment-Friendly Full Body

A good news story for neighbors A full-body workout is very accomodating for apartments and does not include jumping exercises.

Back Burn

If you do not have the most comfortable WFH set-up, chances are your back muscles are stiff.

This workout that focuses on the back and arms can help restore your posture and build your upper body.

Core Power

Ting is well-known due to her ab exercises and with well-founded reasons.

Try different plank variations during this 10-minute exercise routine to work your arm and core muscles.


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