Jason Statham Workout Routine: How He Got Ripped for Movies

Jason Statham is among the most demanding men you’ve seen in movies. Statham is one of the best bodies and physiques you can find in the film industry.

The English actor is forced to reconsider his perspective about being fit and healthy. Statham has appeared in many action films and has also honed his skills in MMA.

Before the film “Crank 2” was released, He began an intense fitness program that worked out six days per week.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how you can build an athletic body that is as good as Statham. Here’s a peek at the complete training regimen and diet.

Current Statistics

Height: 1.78 m

Weigh:84 kilograms (185 lbs)

Age51 years old

BirthdayDate26th of July

Origin: Shirebrook, United Kingdom

Accolades: Women Film Critics Circle Awards 2006

Workout Principles

Jason Statham’s routines include Jason Statham usually mixes the workouts and is also known to utilize himself as a weight whenever working out.

He designs his workout meticulously to ensure that he doesn’t become tired of performing the same type of exercise. He aims to stay flexible, quick, and athletic. Statham’s day starts almost every day by warming up before returning to his routine.

Statham was not a fan of his eating habits. Their current diet of his is approximately 2000 calories per day, divided into 6 meals that he consumes every two to three hours.

Jason Statham’s Training Routine

Jason Statham hits the gym each week for six days, and his exercise routine is continuously modified. The training program is packed with intense exercises which keep his heart rate high while losing fat and strengthening muscles.

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The training philosophy was developed to take a more energetic approach that includes explosive movements. One thing Statham likes the most is working with his own bodyweights.

Here’s Jason Statham’s exercise routine:

Monday: Pyramid Circuit Training

In this exercise program, Jason performs 7 exercises:

  1. Warming up by 10-minutes on a machine for rowing at 20 strokes/minute.
  2. Pushups
  3. Ring pull-ups
  4. Squats only using bodyweight.
  5. Stiff leg deadlifts
  6. Hanging leg raises
  7. A cooling-off time of 10 mins of freestyle aerial exercises on the trampoline of a gymnastic

Tuesday Static Hold Circuit And Big Five 55 Training

Every Tuesday, Jason exercises his chest and shoulder muscles. There are nine different exercises in Jason’s chest and shoulder routine:

  1. Warming up for 10-minutes on a rowing machine, at 20 strokes/minute.
  2. Flat bench chest press
  3. Exercise of the military press shoulder
  4. Dumbbell chest fly
  5. Triceps press-downs using dumbbells
  6. L-sit holds onto dip bars.
  7. Farmers hold kettlebells with a kettlebell.
  8. Squat hold with weights
  9. Cooling down for 10 minutes on a trampoline for gymnastics

Wednesday: Interval Training That Includes Boxing And Rowing

Jason performs a rowing and boxing routine on Wednesdays. He works extensively using his own body weight.

  1. Front squats and weights
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Decline pushups
  4. Power Cleansing with Barbells
  5. From elbows to knees

Thursday Training For Lower Body And Pushups

This Thursday, Jason is doing a low training routine for the body. Jason has six different exercises to perform today.

  1. Warmup: Rowing 2000m
  2. Squats using bodyweight only (20 reps)
  3. Front squats, 175lbs weight. (5 sets 5 reps, resting 90 seconds between sets)
  4. Deadlifts with stiff legs (4 sets each rep, at 130 140 160, 180, and 130 percent of your body weight, resting for 3 minutes between sets)
  5. Reverse abs crunches
  6. Cooling down 200 Pushups (sets comprising 15-20-25-20-15 reps)
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Friday: Cumulative Workout Routine For The Workout

Every Friday, Jason completes a cumulative workout in which he’s doing 5-10 reps of each exercise.

  1. Warming up: Rope climbs as well as the bear’s crawl (20 yards) along with crab walks (20 yards) 5 reps per
  2. Front squats using 120 percent total body weight (5 reps)
  3. Medicine ball hits (5 reps)
  4. Pulling rope (5 reps)
  5. Bench press flat (10 reps)
  6. Medicine ball hits (10 reps)
  7. Pull-ups (15 reps)
  8. Medicine ball hits (10 reps)
  9. Dips (15 reps)
  10. The Medicine ball is slammed (15 reps)
  11. The Rope Pulls (20 reps)
  12. Medicine ball hits (20 reps)

Saturday Contextual Workout

In the morning, Jason has been trail running.

The trail runs for over an hour.

Sunday: Rest Day

On Saturday before, Jason has his rest day. Like others bodybuilders, we are aware that rest is among the most essential aspects of the training so that the body can heal.

Jason Statham’s Diet

After we’ve gone through the workout regimen of Jason Statham, it’s finally time to glance at his eating program. Statham consumes healthy and nutritious foods like nuts, beans, fish, and chicken to gain the lean mass of his muscles.

However, it doesn’t hinder him from snacks such as chocolate. The actor ensures his diet is always sweet and starchy food during the morning.

Let’s review Jason Statham’s eating habits and the supplements he uses every day to boost his performance.

Here’s Jason Statham’s Diet Plan:


Fruits that are fresh like strawberries and pineapple oatmeal, poached eggs; porridge/granola at cold winter locations


Rice brown, steam vegetable or miso soup


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Lean chicken, beef fish, a salad or vegetable and avoids eating after 7 pm in the evening. The peanut butter and nuts or other snacks are high in protein between meals. A minimum of 3 liters of water daily.

Supplements And Recommendations

Jason Statham uses the following supplements to boost his results:

  • Protein Shakes
  • Vitamins

We don’t have the exact supplement brand Jason Statham uses; we offer some suggestions based on the supplements he uses. These are our top recommendations in each category, which are featured on our lists of ranked supplements:


Jason Statham is one of the best action actors ever. It is no surprise that he has affected numerous people through his diet and workout routines. Statham has also proved that it’s possible to climb from the lowest point to the top when you work to the max.


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