5-Minutes Dumbbell Calf Workout: Stronger Calves in 5 Mins

What’s going on, FitGAG readers! Today, we’ll go through a challenging workout that can assist you in gaining larger calf muscles. It takes just five minutes, and all you require is two dumbbells.

This exercise can be completed at least once to finish the workout or several times for the ultimate calves workout. Let’s start by getting large calves in one place.

Total Length: 5 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: Dumbbells

Experience Level


Perform this workout three times. Recover after each workout for 3 minutes, and do it again.


Perform this workout four times. After each workout, rest for two minutes, and then repeat.


Perform this exercise four times. After each workout, rest for one minute, and then repeat.

5-Minutes Dumbbell Calf Workout

To begin, locate the most comfortable position in an open space. Do each exercise for 60 minutes before switching to the next one without taking a break. If you require an interruption, make sure you take it!

Each time you perform this circuit, make sure to perform more reps, add weight, or take fewer breaks.

#1 Triple Threats


  • Take a stand with your feet towards the front and your dumbbells in your hands.


  1. Then, contract your calves so that they raise your feet too.
  2. Stop briefly, then slowly return to the starting point.
  3. Flex your toes and make the same upward and downward motion.
  4. To add to this triple-defense, slam out your toes further and rise and fall again.
  5. Return to the original starting position, and then continue to finish the set of three calf raises!
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#2 Stiff Calf Jumps


  • Stand up with dumbbells at your sides and your feet shoulder-width separated, your feet in a neutral posture, pointed towards the forward.


  1. While your knees are fixed, push upwards with your calves and jump off the floor.
  2. Try to run as quickly as you are able!

#3 Downward Outer Calf Raises


  • Put the dumbbells down onto the floor in the direction of your body and side-by-side.
  • Take a stand position where your feet are wider than your shoulder length apart, and your toes are pointing to the side.
  • Maintaining the back straight. Bend at your waist and lower your body until you can lift the dumbbells.


  • Take the dumbbells in your hands and pull your calves inwards to raise your feet.
  • squeeze your calves with a lot of force at the top and slowly descend.
  • Repeat!

#4 Calf Squat


  • Take a stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the dumbbells at your side.


  1. Squat until your hips are aligned, and your knees are in line.
  2. Switch your weight to your feet at the lower end of the squat, and push up by flexing your calves.
  3. Repeat!

#5 Tip Toe Pulses


  • Take a stand with your feet together and your dumbbells at your side.


  1. Lift your feet and then rapidly go between your toes.
  2. Continue to pulsate until you have reached 60 seconds!


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