5-Min Kettlebell Shoulder Workout for Strong Shoulders

Hi, FitGAG readers! Today, we will guide you through a challenging kettlebell shoulder exercise.

This 5-minute kettlebell shoulder exercise will focus on your shoulders to improve your deltoid muscles definition.

Total Length: 5 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: Kettlebell

Experience Level


Do this exercise three times. After each workout, rest for 3 minutes and do it again.


Complete this exercise four times. After each workout, rest for two minutes, and then repeat.


Complete this exercise four times. After each workout, rest for one minute, and then repeat.

5-Minutes Kettlebell Shoulder Workout

To begin, locate the most comfortable position in an open space. Complete each exercise to strengthen the deltoid for 60 minutes before switching to the next one without stopping. If you require breaks, do it!

Each time you perform this exercise, you should complete more reps or take fewer breaks.

#1 Alternating Slicer


  • Consider a solid standing position.
  • Take the kettlebell in your right hand with your palm with your back facing downwards.
  • Spread both arms to the side in front of you.


  1. Slowly place your right arm in front of your body and straighten your arms.
  2. Squeeze your back down, bring your right arm towards the middle, and transfer the kettlebell onto your left arm.
  3. Continue on the opposite side, and continue to alternate arms.
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#2 Bent Face Pull


  • Hold the kettlebell with your hands in both hands with your palms facing you.
  • Begin by tying your waist and then bend your back until your back is almost in line with the floor.


  1. Pull your rear delts back while you push your elbows forward and then slowly forward, pulling the kettlebell directly under your face.
  2. Press your rear delts with a lot of force at the top, then return to your starting position.
  3. Repeat!

#3 Close-Grip Overhead Press


  • Take a stable standing position.
  • Take the sides of the kettlebell using your hands together and your palms towards yours.


  1. Relax your front delts to push the kettlebell up high above your head.
  2. Press your deltoids with force at the top, then slowly return the weight to the chest.
  3. Repeat!

#4 Alternating Side Raise


  • Take a stable standing position.
  • Begin by placing both arms at your sides and holding the kettlebell using your left hand with your palm facing upwards.


  1. You must contract with your sides (lateral) deltoid muscle to lift the kettlebell up towards the other side.
  2. Then lower the weight back to your chest and transfer the kettlebell onto your left hand.
  3. Continue to repeat and keep changing!

#5 Front Raise


  • Consider a solid standing in.
  • Take the kettlebell with one hand, and make sure your palm faces you.


  1. Relax your deltoid muscles to raise the kettlebell over your forehead.
  2. Take a break for a second and then lower the weight back down controlled.
  3. Repeat!
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