Body Beast Bulk Chest: Must-Try Workout for Stronger Chest

If you keep to the timetable, the first Bulk workout you’ll undertake in Body Beast is Bulk Chest.

In the Bulk phase, you only work out one body part each day, as opposed to the Build phase, when you work out two on most days (save for shoulders and legs).

So the workouts are shorter, and you concentrate hard on a specific body region to bulk it up.

The Bulk phase also exposes you to force sets and progressive sets, something you did not perform during the construction phase.

Body Beast Bulk Chest is a 30-minute workout that incorporates both traditional and new exercises. You’ll need a bench or stability ball because you’ll be doing a lot of work with it.

I enjoy the force set because you hold the weight the entire time and then after 5 repetitions you hold the weight in the contracted position so the weight is constantly on your chest.

If you choose hefty weights, it will be really difficult.

The Progressive set is likewise excellent and exhausting.

This is when you go from 15 reps to 8 reps, take a little rest, and then go from 8 reps to 15 reps.

This will exhaust you in the end, so be prepared.

Is Body Beast Bulk Chest Really Effective?

Every man on the earth who is reading this post tonight will have various motivations for wanting to obtain a gorgeous physique.

One of the greatest methods to achieve this is to create what is known as a Body Beast Bulk Chest. When you think about it, that’s rather intriguing.

While not every woman appreciates you glancing in that direction, they don’t mind looking in the direction of your chest.

But who’s going to complain, right?

About The Body Beast Bulk Chest

You lack a body beast bulk chest. However, this introductory post will assist to alter all of that. It starts with a look at the anatomy of the chest.

It discusses the advantages of having a muscular chest that go beyond simply appearing beefy.

Beginners must understand how to get started and what they will require to get started. Then we’ll get to the topic(s) of this essay.

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Body Beast Bulk Chest and its emphasis on growing your chest.

Anatomy Of The Chest

We’re discussing the chest cavity. In medical words, this is known as the thoracic cavity.

The muscular and membrane diaphragm divides the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.

Ribs, a breastbone, the spinal column, and the sternum also surround the chest region.

The chest wall is made up of skin, fat, and muscles.

All of them safeguard the body’s essential organs, particularly the heart, liver, and lungs.

Upper arm and shoulder girdle movement stability is supplied.

Features Of Having A Bulk(ed) Chest

It’s known as the ‘pec major.’ It’s what makes up the majority of your chest muscles.

It has three heads: the clavicular (top), the sternal (middle), and the abdominal (lower).

This framework is what defines your whole chest workout three times directional aspect.

Benefits Of The Bulk Chest

For motivating purposes, extra flesh will be placed on the bone here. Take use of the advantages you may anticipate.

Better Breathing

It’s also worth noting that strengthening and extending the chest muscles allows for better breathing.

Improved Posture

The shoulder joint may be stabilized by all of the back and shoulder muscles, as well as the pecs.

Ability to do so much more

With increased chest strength, you can handle all types of holding, lifting, and squeezing.

What Is Body Beast Bulk Chest

What Is Body Beast Bulk Chest

Body Beast Bulk Chest requires at least three months of training for a beginner. It is powered by a video training routine designed for both men and women.

The program aims to produce various levels of physical stature, or muscularity, as well as various levels of weight loss.

While most beginners study with DVDs, they can also have direct access to live instruction through streaming.

The overall program’s highlighted benefits continue to be weight reduction and greater strength.

However, while the program is appropriate for generally fit novices, the workouts are somewhat tough.

The Beginner’s Program

What Is Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout Plan

Critics have labeled the program as difficult, however the creators have included exercise plans for both intermediate and novice trainees.

When it comes to building the unique body beast bulk chest, not much in the way of weights is necessary. It’s also a low-cost environment for newcomers.

All he needs to get started is a set of light, medium, or heavy dumbbells, depending on his present level of fitness and his goals.

It’s also a good idea to add a bench, pull-up bar, stability ball, and resistance bands to the training inventory for variety and ease.

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Let’s Focus On The Chest Area

Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout Plan

Consider these workouts to be proposed alternatives to the more free-spirited and free-roaming, and even harsher Body Beast Bulk Chest routines outlined in the next section.

However, keep in mind that the body beast bulk chest workouts you’ll see in a moment are no less traditional than these.

They may be difficult, but they are quite convenient to include into your daily routine.

What You’ll Need

Body Beast Bulk Chest Plan

You’ll need a bench or stability ball, as well as your dumbbells, for this exercise. That’s it. Session is simple.

This exercise mixes supersets, force sets, and progressive sets to push your chest growth to new heights.

Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout Plan

#1 Super Set | Incline Dumbbell Fly & Incline Dumbbell Press

Body Beast Bulk Chest’s Super Sets are organized as follows: 15 reps using light weight of exercise 1 with no rest, 15 reps with light weight of exercise 2, and a short break.

Then you execute a set of 12 reps with medium weight of exercise 2, no rest, a set of 12 reps with medium weight of exercise 2, and a brief rest.

You end with a set of 8 repetitions with heavy weight of exercise 1, followed by a set of 8 reps with heavy weight of exercise 2 with no break in between.

If there is a Drop Set, you will execute another set of 8 repetitions of that exercise straight after the previous one, with no break, using less weights.

In this scenario, the Drop Set is performed on the Incline Dumbbell Press.

This is the same Super Set you performed as Set 2 in Build Chest and Tris, so if you need a refresher, read there for a more detailed description of the form.

#2 Force Set | Chest Press with Rotation

The Force Sets in Body Beast Bulk Chest are structured such that you execute 5 sets of 5 repetitions with the same weight without ever putting the weight down.

Each set has a 5-10 second rest period when you must hold the weight aloft.

The Chest Press with Rotation is a flat dumbbell press that begins with the dumbbells in hammer position (fists facing out).

Then, as you press them up, twist your hands so that your fists face you.

#3 Progressive Set | Incline Press

Body Beast Bulk Chest’s Progressive Sets are structured as follows: a set of 15 reps with light weight, followed immediately by no rest, a set of 12 reps with medium weight, followed immediately by no rest, and a set of 8 reps with heavy weight.

You will subsequently be given a little break. After the rest, you repeat the set in reverse with no rest, thus 15 reps, 12 reps, and 8 reps.

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The exercise is the same as in set 1, however because of the Progressive Set, you will most likely require less weights.

#4 Combo Set | Close-Grip Press to Fly

Body Beast Bulk Chest’s Combo Set is simply a Single Set in which the workout is actually two movements fused together.

The set’s structure is a set of 15 with low weights and a brief rest.

Then a 12-rep set with medium weights and a brief break. Finishing with an 8-piece set of heavy weights.

The Close-Grip Press to Fly entails performing a Close Grip Press, followed by a Chest Fly, and then returning to the Close Grip Press, and so on.

Each combo is worth one rep.

#5 Multi Set | Decline Push-Up, Cobra to Airplane & Russian Twist

Body Beast Bulk Chest’s Multi Set requires you to alternate between workouts.

In this scenario, you would perform a set of 15 Decline Push-Ups, followed immediately by 10 Cobra to Airplanes with no rest (from Build Back and Bis).

After a short pause, you perform a set of 12 Decline Push-Ups, followed by 30 seconds of body weight Russian Twists with no rest.

Russian Twists, which are comparable to the Mason Twist from P90X, are included in Beast Abs.

You sit in a C-sit posture and twist your obliques side to side, bringing your elbows to the ground on either side.

After the Russian Twists, take a little break before finishing the set with an 8-rep set of Decline Push-Ups.


1 minute and 40 seconds of extending your chest and shoulders using a bench or a ball.

This is a fantastic session that will slap the meat on your chest. It all comes down to persistent, gradual progress. Continue to progress and gain!!


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